Can the M700's be plugged into the Dectet

Recently purchased the M700’s, the Stellar Gain cell DAC and the Dectet. Have not received the Dectet yet.

Question is can I connect the power amps into the Dectet or do I need to connect them straight into the wall outlet?

Thanks SK

SK, I say try them both ways and pick whichever sounds best to you. Seems like a copout, but my experience is that one will prefer one way or another and what sounds best wins.

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Completely agree with @lonson

It’s going to vary case by case.

I have dedicated line and Dectet. My best sound is SGCD to one of the “source” isozones, not the HC section, and S300 straight to wall.

Thanks @lonson and @cxp. That’s what I’ll do. Just wanted to make sure that the components would not be damaged in any way.

To answer your specific question, the M700s can be plugged into the Dectet and need not be plugged into the wall. But I agree with the others that for best sound, try both and determine which you prefer.

Thank you @Elk