A positive RAL I2S cable purchase experience!

Ideally, my post would have been in the “My recent experience with Revelation Audio Labs” thread; however, that thread was recently closed. As my recent purchase from RAL was much more positive than I was expecting, I wanted to share my experience with others who may still be on the fence. I hope the Mods will let this one through.

Like many of you with a DirectStream DAC, I’ve been looking for a great I2S cable. After thoroughly reading the relevant threads, I came away with two basic understandings: 1.) RAL makes a great I2S (HDMI) cable and 2.) expect to wait a long time to receive it once ordered. In my case, the wait wasn’t going to be an issue as I hadn’t yet ordered a PST; the anticipated lead time would just give me more time to save. On 7/26/21 I placed an order from the RAL web site using PayPal. The order was promptly acknowledged via email. On 7/27/21, I received a notification that a Shipping Label with Tracking Number had been created. Normally, this would be cause for excitement but, as I’ve learned from the experiences of others, creating a Shipping Label and actually shipping an item are distinctly different events. Much to my surprise, on 7/29/21, I received another notice that the shipment had been “accepted” by the Palm Coast, FL Origin post office. Wow – this was really happening! The good news was I was going to be receiving my RAL cable much sooner than expected. The bad news was I was going to need to order the PST much sooner than expected (Kevin at PSA made this relatively painless).

The cable was originally scheduled to be delivered Friday 7/30/21 but USPS felt I didn’t need it until today (8/2/21). Even so - 6 days from order to receipt. My PST won’t be in until Wednesday so I can’t offer any commentary on the sonics of the RAL yet but my expectations are high based on the experiences of others. Some folks have reported questionable quality but the cable I received appears to have very good workmanship.

I don’t know if my experience is going to be the norm going forward for RAL purchases. I may have been lucky and Brad had my cable already in inventory. I suppose it could have been a return but there was no evidence of prior use that I could detect.

One last point… some folks have mentioned using the PayPal claim technique to get an accelerated delivery. I didn’t do that; however, Brad requested that I advise PayPal that I received my cable and was satisfied. Only then would PayPal release my funds to RAL.

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from RAL again.


A positive anomaly.

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A new operating paradigm, perhaps.

Kind of like COD…

If PP insists on this approach going forward, better/more timely service might be in the offing more often than not.

Just a thought…


It’s a Yogi Berra moment all over again.


I was one of the fortunate ones that got an RAL HDMI cable less than ten days after
the order many moons ago. Just lucky I guess and I like the cable. I have a Audioquest
Dragon on order to see if there is a new king to be crowned. Madness.

Geez. I ordered one in March.

I still don’t have it.

Lucky you.

I wonder how that happened.

Do we really need another thread on this topic? Wow.

Actually, I find it funny and very reasonable that PayPal is holding his money before giving it to him immediately now.

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Wow! Someone had a good experience with Brad.
Well, in the 27 years I was married, my ex-mother-in-law was pleasant twice. So I’ll believe anything is possible.


Normally I would say not. I only posted this as I thought some folks on the fence might take some comfort in knowing of my experience. I know I would have prior to making my purchase. Whether my experience was an aberration or perhaps a change in RAL’s operations remains to be seen. I hope it’s the latter as the consensus opinion is that it’s a great cable. I agree the PayPal position on funds release is telling and indicates they are paying attention.

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Hi RobH - have you tried to contact Brad directly? I sent an email message when it looked like USPS in Orlando had lost my order and he was quick to respond. You’ve been very patient if you ordered in March. The nuclear option, of course, is to go the PayPal claim route. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary and he’ll get you your cable soon.

Hi Straightwire - the range of experiences people have had has been unusually vast. Seems to be one extreme or the other. I’m happy you received yours as quickly as you did.

The AQ Dragon is definitely an end game cable! I’m using an AQ Hurricane to my P20 and can only imagine what a Dragon would do for my system. In his recent podcasts, Darren Myers has expressed great satisfaction with the Dragon he recently acquired. Sounds like you are in for a treat!

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Nice to know that some of the insiders like the Dragon. Yes, the P20 is very sensitive to cables.
I had an SR Sigma V1 on it and later got an Alpha V2 XC version made for regenerators and conditioners. Sounds even better.