Great experience with Revelation Audio Labs

After reading so many rave reviews of the RAL hdmi cable, I ordered one this week.
Peer pressure …
I was a bit apprehensive about the service, after reading some horror stories about delays.

My experience was 100% positive.
Brad answered all my questions patiently, and sent the cable as soon as I pulled the trigger.
It’s on its way from Florida to Belgium.

A man of his word, and wonderful service.
If it sounds as good as you guys say, I may buy a second one for the transport (this one is for the Matrix).

Thank you Brad :+1:

Tell me when you get it! I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a tracking number, but that it’s “awaiting item”. Hopefully he’s turned it around. It’s clear he needs/needed help last summer when I ordered mine.

He was extremely cordial, btw.

He gives you a tacking number the instant you order. For the first two months after the order when you look at the tracking number it indicates the package has not yet been received. It’s the standard RAL deception.

But a couple of guys here got theirs quickly so it can happen. But it’s the norm to have to threaten Paypal action to get him to ship.

I just checked the tracker: it’s now in Louisville, KY.
On its way to Belgium :+1::cowboy_hat_face:


I ordered my .75 I2S HDMI yesterday. I will post how long it takes to arrive.

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I tried to resist the Matrix, Farad, RAL forum wisdom.
But « resistance was futile, I have been assimilated » :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just got my RAL cable.
Sounds awesome even without break in.

And Brad’s service and follow up were world class.
UPS screwed up, but he fixed it and I got the package super fast.
Thank you Brad !


Nice! I was telling him that he just needs some good help to go with his good products. Maybe he listened to the many people presumably telling him such.

How long did it take if you don’t mind me asking? I just ordered a hdmi last week.

3 or 4 days

Nice! Thank you and enjoy!

Guess all of our collected RAL experiences here were just completely full of crap! :wink:

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Not yet! I still haven’t received shipping confirmation on my cable that I ordered 5 days ago.

For every RAL cable arrived on time, someone else must have gotten screwed in its place.

I don’t know about other people, but my experience was great: Brad was super fast to answer my questions, send the cable, and intervene when UPS messed up. One of the best customer experiences I have had. Comparable to PS Audio service, and that is no faint praise !!

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Here’s a dealer in Portland if you’ve rather not deal with the apparent whims of Brad at RAL.

I have no connection other than I filled out the contact form and he replied within the hour. He says Brad is an interesting animal but the products are excellent otherwise they wouldn’t keep buying from him.


Phillippe = Brad :wink:

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Brad travaille en Belgique, peut-être?

Oui, Serhan, en effet :wink: