A "remote" issue

Ok, so this is totally hardly a thing… And I know some people don’t care for the Sprout aluminum block remote …but I always thought is was a really classy piece of kit.
When I got my SGCD…I was kinda bummed with the “average” plastic remote. I know HUGE thing…
I do think it would be cool to have a more high end looking remote control, ala the Sprout. It would match the SGCD (and other PSA products) better. My 2cents.

We now return you to your regular programing…:slight_smile:

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Yeah Stonefree1911 i feel you! i also started out with my Sprout100 and i have recently bought and received a SGCD + M700 combo and i SADLY already broke my SGCD remote control - which i am desperately trying to replace. just like you mention yourself is wow is the Sprout remote a classy piece of work, not so much the feel or durability with the SGCD remote control.
i REALLY do hope PS Audio jumps at it to come out with a proper aftermarket remote control to replace the included remote that comes with the purchase of a SGCD. By that i mean a higher quality, more durable, bit more classy looking, same functions, and comfortable in your hand.
when you do, call me first! and i will be the first to buy it! I’m serious about it!

Reach out to PS Audio, I broke one and was able to get a replacement in a few days. I am a couple thousand Km away but still in the states so ymmv. Cheers, Jim

Yeah thanks i have just got a hold of my local distributer and they will send me a preowned romote with no issues, the reason is that they currently had no new ones in store but wanted to help me anyway.
I am always amazed at PS Audio customer support and service with their products😊
The real problem was me being clumsy in the first place. I broke my remote by accident, dropped it on the floor and just at the same time i bumbed and tipped a very heavy chair that fell right on the remote and crushed it to a 1000 pices😱 im not going to lie… i laught and cried at that moment.

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Yep, I love my PSA equipment, but the remotes, while functional and generally utilitarian/effective, are a bit of a letdown aesthetically compared to the main unit. I would love to see them do something a bit more…luxurious… with their remotes in the future.

If you want, I can send you the remote we ship with the DSD and BHK pre. There will be a lot more buttons than you need, but it has a nice aluminum finish and feels a lot more robust than the GDAC remote. Controls the volume and can change inputs.

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How much might that remote cost me to buy? That looks perfectly adapted to using my system with a Node 2i.

Mike in Dayton

Would that work with the SGCD? I’d love to have that remote over the one it came with.

They’re only $15. Works seamless as far as volume, mute, balance goes. Changing inputs beyond input 6 is a little hard as the silver remote only goes up to In 5.

Well heck yeah! How do I order one?

Shoot me an email and I can enter an order for one. jamesh@psaudio.com

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