Sprout 100 remote control

Just got my Sprout 100 to replace the first sprout, it sounds amazing. And I love the remote control feature, and it is so satisfying by just holding it, but I can’t find the place to change the battery of the remote. Is there any instruction to change the battery?

It’s not intuitive. T’s held on magnetically. The cover just pops off.

Thanks for reply! Now I can mute my sprout without crawling to the tv when I have my Psvr on.

I don’t see any seam that may be a cover.
Outsmarted by the remote

Yes is actually does pop off. You would need something like a razor blade to go between the metal and plastic parts and pry it open

Poke a needle into the hole will be much easier

Honestly, I still never figured it out. Then I accidentally dropped it one day and the ‘cover’ popped off. The cover is just the black part that has the control buttons on it. Yes, if you push a needle through back hole (it pushed against the battery itself) you can pop the lid off.

We should probably do a video on that cool little remote.

The little black cover is a thin overlay atop a circuit board held in by a magnet. You get your fingernail under the top corner of the black overlay and gently start to lift and the circuit board below should come out exposing the battery. The
black overlay’s just glued onto the circuit board and restocks easily.


Maybe you have fine artist’s hands, Paul, but there is no way my coarse peasant fingernails could ever prise off that cover. Poking a paperclip into the hole at the rear worked a treat however. I had previously thought (not very deeply, obviously) that it was to reset the remote.

Yes, thank you, that’s a better plan. Thanks for reminding me about the hole and the paperclip. See? We need a video.


Oh … that’s what the hole is for…OMG. Now I feel a little dumb. I think the new Sprout100 sounds cleaner.? I think I’m going to keep the first Sprout .I just love it too much.I’m 53 and this is the best piece of stereo equipment I ever owned. Thank you so much for selling (honest) quality stuff. Last month I sent an amp back by an other brand. One minute and I was turned off. Thank you Paul.

Thank’s. I was too exited last night over getting this new Sprout100. I put my optivisors I use for work and I feel dumb because I can’t figure out a remote.I’m a dork.

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Thanks to you for appreciating what we work so hard to achieve!

Never feel dumb! These things can be confusing for the best among us.

G’Day, Did you end up making the video how to open the remote control? I have tried to open with no luck.
I just my Sprout, but the remote does not work, so I am guessing it is the batteries.

Poke pin/paperclip in the hole in the back, and the cover will pop off.

The magnetic grip is quite powerful and you may need to poke the paperclip firmly. I did this recently because I thought the battery on my 10 month old Sprout100 had given up. It was actually the battery holding clip which had come loose at one side. That was quickly re-soldered (not including the time it took me to go into the loft and locate my 50 year-old soldering iron, and solder of similar vintage!)

G’Day all,

I had to change the battery in my control.

To open the control you push through the hole at the back.

It is important to visualise how the control is put together, so I have attached some pictures. I was trying to pull the lid from the back, but there isn’t a lid on the back!



Glad to see you figured it out. Yes, it definitely helps to know that it is modular like this. Thanks for posting the picture as well. Will certainly be helpful for others in the future.