Sprout 100 remote code?

Anybody know if the Sprout 100 remote uses the codes of any other manufacturer? I have a bit of an odd setup and am trying to get the Nvidia Shield remote to work with it. Nvidia offers a huge index of remote codes, including a few for PS Audio that unfortunately aren’t working for me. Anyone know if there are any other receiver manufacturers that this generic little remote is compatible with so I can give it a shot?

Try LG it seems to conflict the most with PS Audio products.

That’s funny to hear, I have an LG TV, and when I selected some of the PS Audio codes (I think there’s 4 total), some of them definitely made some buggy things happen on my TV. Unfortunately none of those things were getting the volume to change.

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To tie up this thread, I ended up purchasing a Logitech Harmony remote so I can control the shield and the Sprout with the same remote. I do prefer the Nvidia Shield remote though as it’s super tactile. Hoping when I go to an eARC via Bluesound I’ll be able to control volume through the Shield remote.