AC Cables and the Dog Test

I continue to read with interest the three camps regarding AC Cables. There is the camp that spews technology to prove cables can have no impact. The camp that avoids technical discussions and simply says they hear a difference. And those that try and explain the differences using technology (often failing). I used to be part of the third camp. But not any longer. I am now part of the canine camp. What do I mean? Recently I decided to purchase an AC12 power cord and try it on various components in my system. First the preamp. Heard no difference. Then the CD/DAC. No difference. But then…I tried it on my PS5. And I was shocked that I heard a difference, highlighted by a more believable soundstage and focused voice. Maybe it was the placebo effect? That is what camp one would say. But…my dog (Havanese) often sits next to me when I listen to music. Rarely does he react. First recording I played after the AC12 installation, a Norah Jones song on SACD (don’t ask which one). Immediately he looked up towards the speakers, as if he thought there was someone in the room singing. And thus I concluded that the best way to demonstrate that AC cables matter, is with a dog.


Which begs the question, which camp is the dog in?:open_mouth:


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Not sure. My next test is to find a recording of a dog barking and she what happens.

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My dog reacts to whistles in songs if they sound “real” enough. Another good dog test. Welcome to the forum.

This was just posted over on the Roon forum…

An interesting article on the differences between what animals and humans hear.

Fascinating article … my experience with animals is dogs can like music/sounds from a stereo, though that’s more second hand. Cats, which I have lots of direct experince with, don’t seem to care too much about music, except, that is, when they don’t like it. I know my cats only show a negative reaction (they leave), none of that I like this and I’m dancin’ stuff for them! Birds certainly can enjoy music, I think their hearing is probably the closest to humans compared to other pets. Parrots will actually dance to the music! The new one to me is fish, never thought of them as music lovers. I’ve got a small pond in my back yard, time to try some music, but will they enjoy Beethoven or Mozart …

My cat seems to like most music, and often times steals the sweet spot if I get up for a sec.


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This place is about as civil as a web based forum gets. Lots of help with questions and problems without a lot of bickering and belittling.

I’ve had that happen, but I think it was more a case of a pre-warmed seat rather than the sweet spot! I will say this morning I was watching a show on arctic wolves and whenever they howled the demon kitty took immediate notice, one time even running out of the room to look for the source! She also likes to tap the moving images on the screen, I try to discourage that behavior …

My dog typically falls asleep on the seat next to me (hope it isn’t my company). All the more reason why his reaction to the music was meaningful.