Anyone used or compared AC-12 and Audioquest Thunder power cords?

Although the AC12 has its limitations, such as in clarity, it has a sense of aliveness and a modest warmth that I find draws me into the music, instead of struggling to get past the “audiophile effects” to the music. Since PS Audio picked up the Audioquest line, I’m wondering if the Thunder or other of its midline power cords maintains those characteristics while improving on the AC-12 (from another thread with a similar title you’ll know that I didn’t find that the Kimber PK-10 Palladian succeeded). Thanks,

I don’t think one can generalize, “this is best, etc”.
I think just about everything is system and ears dependent. And by “ears”, i include one’s personal taste.

Relevance to my question?

What do you mean?

There’s nothing in my post remotely about “best” and there’s everything there about “my ears.” A relevant reply will speak to my question based on specific experience with the cords mentioned — or perhaps with another idea.

What gear are the cords for?

I tried the Monsoon… I’ve had AC-5 and BAV… Thunder is in another league. Harmonics, dynamics, easy to listen to while also being alive.

I recommend you try in your system. PS Audio has 30 day trial.

The main part of the system is P15 to modified Oppo 203, to Lampi Atlantic TRP dac, to Supratek Cardonnay preamp, to ATC SCM19A actives. With one cord, it would go to the better sounding spot of preamp or dac (both are tube based). I tried the Kimber at those spots and P15.

Gene I’m using Triode Wire Lab power cords on both my Chardonnay and Aqua DAC. Pete has a trial period if you are using standard lengths and is easy to deal with. I would give him a call or watch the used market for people upgrading to his Obsession power cords which are $1399 and more than I wanted to spend.

Thanks, but been there, done that. I chose the AC-12 after auditioning the redone TWL line, among a few others (but not Audioquest, tho their Storm line was not available then). That was back when I had a Direcstream dac directly to the ATCs. I do use Pete’s old personal American 8 to my TV, where it does well.

If you haven’t tried them also I would be more inclined to try the new Shunyata line over Audioquest.

Which line in a medium price bracket (I lucked out and got the used Kimber for $550 and the AC-12’s for $300-$600’s, depending on whether new or used and the length)? The 1m Thunder goes for ~$750-$900 new. I’ve never heard anything above the early Venom, which left me unimpressed, rave reviews notwithstanding. The Kimber was recommended as a good step up to mix with the AC-12 and my tastes, but that didn’t work out. But having heard what it does better than the AC-12 piqued my curiosity about what might be out there in a modest price range used or perhaps new.

Gene I would call Mike at Suncoast and see if you can pick his brain for info as he carries both lines and a couple of others. Problem with the V2 Shunyata line is that they have only been out a short period of time. Mike was the first and only Lampi dealer for a while so he may have some insight as to what works with them but I doubt he has ever seen or heard a Supratek though the recommendations for it should be similar to a Lampi. If you are strictly looking for used you will have better luck with the AQ cables as they are several years old.

You’re right. My reply was poorly worded.
Give the new Shunyata Delta V2 a try. Or a used Sigma NR, which seem to be selling at greatly reduced prices to make way for the V2 version.
I tried the Thunder and my old ears found them dull sounding.

It’s all so system dependent.

In my system:

Strata BAV to wall = ungodly bright
BAV to SP3 to BAV to Strata = ok tonality… not dynamic

Monsoon to SP3 to Monsoon to Stata = dull

Strata Thunder to wall = alive and natural and dynamic

I have a similar experience though with BHK250 that plugging to wall using AC-12 is clearly superior vs. the power regenerator.

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I sold my SP3 after I tried Zu Event power straight to wall and it smoked the SP3.

For some reason the SP3 dulled everything and required a bright cord to sound ok.

I forget to add that plugging into the wall plus a noise harvester is clearly superior to the power regenerator for my set-up.


Very interesting… In terms of your experience, which type of kit “suffered” in this regard in your system and benefitted with the direct to the socket plus noise harvester approach: sources, amps or both.

I have some flexibility (Stellar P3, noise harvesters, AC-12 and AC-3 power cables and 1 Iconoclast BAV power cable) and would love to have some suggestions as I play with various power chain configurations.

Thanks in advance/regards.

Power amp, hands down.