AC12 vs Statement Power cords

1st I want to say thanks to PS Audio as I started with the PS Audio Lambda transport which the morphed into Duets, P300, P600, and power cables. All are still being used and enjoyed!!
Something on my mind about the power cords, I have the top of line Statement Power cords on my main system of Pass Labs eqpt and a Sota Cosmos. Both the P300 and P600 have been gone through and upgraded 8 years or so. My main system has the Statement Power cables.
My pc workstation has a BenchMark HGCDac2 with a pair of Dynaudio BM12 MKIII with the pair powered by the AC12’s and Duets.

I really dont want to change these cables around as it would be a pain, but Im now wondering if the AC12’s(or even another brand) should be on my main system.
Could someone detail the exact differences between the Statements vs AC12?? And maybe some opinions on those who upgraded from the Statements to the AC12’s? Also wondering about differences on clean power/ multiwave out of the P600’s vs the new power conditioners. I really dont use the multiwave but I imagine the new ones are more effection, better thermals…

The xStream Statement cables are interedting and effective. I used them in the past, and use AC12 now.

In comparison the AC12 sound more open and “fast,” imparting clarity and a feeling of “energy.” The Statements in use produce a fuller, darker, “slower” and more dense sound. I kept adding AC12s and liking them in my main system until all components have them. The cumulative effect is very satisfying. I use a Statement in my second system on a component that is perhaps a bit too “bright” in tonal character and the Statement helps to add a bit of body and a darker texture to the sound.

There is also little doubt in my mind that the new regenerators are better than the earlier ones. I had a P300 when they first were released and I had a PowerPlant Premier, and then I moved to a P5 and then a P10. Each was a noticeable, significant, very pleasing step up from the earlier. With my previous amps Multiwave, even a little bit (the P10 I use has adjustable Multiwave steps, six of them) was not preferred to the Sine setting. But with my new Decware 25th Anniversary SE84UFO3 Monoblocks Multiwave at 1 is very nice, and I generally listen to the system with Multiwave at 1 and with the High Regulation mode. In my systems the P5 and P10 were/are the real deal, an excellent foundation for a system. I can only imagine how true (and more) that is with the P12, P15 and P20.

I want to see what Galen comes up with for power cords . . . .