Which powercords are you guys using for your P12, P15s or P20s ? thanks!


thanks in advance.!


Transparent Powerlink MM2X terminated with Furutech FI48 connectors.


PS Audio AC12’s and Siltech SPX-800’s


P20 via PSA AC12 or ZU Audio Event HC.


Do you hear a difference between the AC12 and Zu Event?




P12 with Anticable Level 3 Power Cable.


P-12 Power Plant: AC-5


Thanks for those who replied…


At this moment I have a Sablon petit corona… but also have a couple of Zu Events which i bought at the suggestion of someone here (Zu has auctions on ebay btw where you can bag some of their stuff at very good prices - major bang for the buck there.) Had previously used some older PS Audio cords as well as Shunyata Venom HC. Both the Zu and (Somewhat surprisingly) Sablon cords are very flexible; I have gotten to the point where cable inflexibility is one of my pet peeves so this is important to me.


Pangea AC 9 MKll to P12
PSA 3’s to all components