Which powercords are you guys using for your P12, P15s or P20s ? thanks!

thanks in advance.!

Transparent Powerlink MM2X terminated with Furutech FI48 connectors.

PS Audio AC12’s and Siltech SPX-800’s

P20 via PSA AC12 or ZU Audio Event HC.

Do you hear a difference between the AC12 and Zu Event?


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P12 with Anticable Level 3 Power Cable.

P-12 Power Plant: AC-5

Thanks for those who replied…

At this moment I have a Sablon petit corona… but also have a couple of Zu Events which i bought at the suggestion of someone here (Zu has auctions on ebay btw where you can bag some of their stuff at very good prices - major bang for the buck there.) Had previously used some older PS Audio cords as well as Shunyata Venom HC. Both the Zu and (Somewhat surprisingly) Sablon cords are very flexible; I have gotten to the point where cable inflexibility is one of my pet peeves so this is important to me.

Pangea AC 9 MKll to P12
PSA 3’s to all components

Wondering if anyone has tried out or heard the High Fidelity power cables on PS Audio gear. The hype seems pretty intense, as are their higher end prices on their best stuff. Thinking of feeding the DirectStream from my P15

I tried AC12 to my P12 but thought the sound was just ok. I then tried Acoustic Zen Gargantua II and thought the sound a bit too sharp and aggressive in the upper mids. I then tried Pangea AC9SE MkII and the sound was full and detail, just what the doctor order. It’s only in direct a-b comparison and I feel power cords like other cables are system and taste dependent.

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waymanchen, looks like you’re the second here to like the AC9SE MkII feeding the regenerator. It seems like a pretty serious contender and a great budget price. Do you have any thoughts how this cable does with your amps as well? I just bought a High Fidelity Reveal that I’m planning for the P15 -> DirectStream but will try it to the wall as well and see how that sounds.

Right now I think I’ll grab one of these you recommend, for the price it doesn’t sound like much of a risk. Maybe get 3 use 2 for the mono blocks and 1 from the wall.

My system seem to work well with the Pangea. I am also running Pangea to my Pre-amp and Dac and DMP. But I am using Acoustic Zen Gargantua II to my power amp. The Acoustic Zen adds a bit of sparkle to the sound. I find mixing cables can balance the sound. I tried all Pangea, but it gets a bit on the full side.

2 x Audience Au24 SX (full gauge) for my two P20s. Using a full loom of Audience Au24 SX interconnects, speaker cables, and AC power cables in my system, as auditioning vs Shunyata cables verified the Audience having superior performance in phase and temporal domains, resulting in exceptional micro dynamics and imagining of sonic objects of authentic size inside a deep, rich, and expansive soundstage.

(1) AC-12 (1.5m); P20 to UEF Blue duplex; then 10/2 romex to 20A breaker (single run), 100ft.
(4) AC-12 (1.0m); P20 to: PSA DS DAC, PSA DS DMP, BHK Preamp, BHK250 amp
(2) AC-10 (1.5m); P20 to: SBOOSTER (AQVOX-SE); SBOOSTER (Roon Nucleus+)
(2) AC-05 (1.5m); P20 to: L REL S3/SHO sub amp, R REL S3/SHO sub amp

hi all, I had been using PS AC12 on everything including the P20 into the 15 amp connection. However i just got the Pangea AC9SE MkII with the 20 amp connection and am just now trying it out. So far so good and i may try some of their source cables for the BHK preamp, DSD DAC, and the DMP player.

I have Ac-12, Shunyata Python Helix Alpha and ZU Audio Event power cables. They’re all excellent but from the wall to my P-20, the AC12 is the clear winner for me. The whole system seems to have life breathed into it. It’s a difference that’s easy to hear.
The Shunyata is a close second.

A 2 meter long Supra LoRad 2.5 SPC CS-EU