Getting the most out of DirectStream + PerfectWave combo ... so far

Both units now powered by AC12 cables … huge improvement in my system. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh well, better than later. Just had to share - good listening everyone.

Sweet! Better power cords always seem to help!

I spent 2013 and 2014 somehow managing to get my whole system connected with AC-12. Lifted the whole system up. Perfect for the PWT and DS, no doubt!

It still bothers me that power cords should make a significant difference. But they do. Each AC12 I added made a noticeable improvement.

Add a PowerPlant to the mix and you will get knocked out of your listening chair!

Getting close … have an Equi=tech that I’ve been pleased with so far but that P10 is calling my name :-)

Alrighty folks, now using AC12 cables to power up my amp, pre-amp and processor for the Legacy Whisper XDS as well. A few recordings that I had a hard time sitting through the other day floored me just now. Previous power cables used throughout the system were from company names you would know so it’s not like I hadn’t gone down this road before. Bravo PS.


AC12’s are pretty good cables. Used them to feed my power amp and from the AC outlet into the P10. But the Aluminata AC’s from JPS Labs take the system one or two levels higher. Stunning cables with speed, great details and dead quiet background, but at a price…