Acoustic Treatments for Magnepans/Dipoles - Diffusion not Absorption

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@MTB_Vince - thank you mate. I was wrestling with the price but wasn’t sure how much (if at all) the performance was going to be better. You are saying yes - and I can gulp the price diff (albeit kinda choke) and accept that I will get more value.

Here as an even bigger gulp @echoz. If you can afford the scratch for the new Isothermal version of the 16" TubeTraps, it remains effective further down in frequency- which is pretty much the point of corner bass traps.

@MTB_Vince yep those were the ones I was looking at. 2x the price of the soffit bass traps.
I was not sure about the quality of the soffits and ofcourse the diffusive property of the tubes traps + better build quality.
I just hope that they will perform better than the soffits.

Thanks, Minnesotafats. I have been in communication with GIK. I wanted an unbiased opinion such as yours to confirm what they said. Once again, your posts have been a great service to Maggie owners.

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I agree with everything @MTB_Vince with respect to the IsoThermal Tube Traps. If I had a dedicated room and the dollars I would set up my room like his with IsoThermals of various sizes all over the place. The smaller IsoThermals have less bass absorption but they may have better diffusive properties in certain applications/locations in the room.

Hello again @echoz. This USAM ad for a bunch of TubeTraps in useful sizes just went up.