Upgraditis... Maggies

Upgraditis is hitting hard… A bit of history and current system… Magnepan will always be special to me, had a pair of MMG with an Acurus A100 amp, a passive pre and Audio Alchemy CD player in my college dorm room when I met my wife. Spent endless evenings listening to music. Fast forward a few years and I got a pair of 1.6’s. Moved a few times and Maggie’s just didn’t work in the rooms or I had to combine the stereo with my HT.

Currently Audio Physic Avanti III which are spectacular in their own right. Pass XA60.5, BHK pre, DSS with transformers mod, Roon Nucleus via Matrix, all cables Cardas Clear and Clear Beyond.

Room is 14x22 with a 6x10 alcove in the back right.

So finally getting to my question… With upgraditis hitting, Maggie 3.7’s? They would be 5-6’ from back wall and 2’ (outer edge) from side wall. Or is the room too small for them? Another option would be just get a pair of LRS and fiddle around with them to kill off the upgraditis

I have my 3.7is in a room that is 16’x 44’. The room used to be 26’ wide on the wall the stereo is on but I filled the left side of the room with a 3/4 bath and cedar closets. The long, skinny room made placing the speakers a little more challenging than it would have been if the room remained wide. I have the main panels 2’-6" from side walls and 4’ from the back wall. The DWM bass panels are between the mains and the side walls and 5’ from back walls. My only complaint is that with certain content the system can be a little bright and forward. Otherwise, I haven’t finished tweaking the position using Paul’s book and CD but I can tell you small differences mean a lot. I started with the speakers 2’ from side walls and the bass could be a little muddy and unfocused.

Electronics driving the speakers are a Mark Levinson 390S, Mark Levinson No. 28, and PSA M1200s. Wires are Audioquest midnight or emerald.

My dealer wouldn’t let me borrow the 3.7is. I bought a pair of of the predecessors to the LRS to see how Magnepans would sound in the room. Since I liked those, I traded them after 30 days and got full price in trade on the 3.7is. You might want to try that route.

I love the LRS and the XA60.5’s would give them the current they need to really blossom.

My room is about 5-6 feet shorter than your long wall. However, I have several angled corners and an 11 foot ceiling. I have my 3.7i’s about 5 feet from the front wall, but my chair is within a foot of the back wall. I do use some diffusors. The angled corner to the right of my listening chair has double doors which I keep open. So, even though I have two REL subs, I have no standing waves that I can discern and bass blend is excellent. I upgraded from the 1.7i’s and the sound from my 3.7i’s is superb according to visiting audiophiles.

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It hit me too.

I’m soon replacing 3.7s with 20.7s.

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Unfortunately due to the dual function of the room (HT and stereo, completely separate systems), I have to use the short wall.

I am in envy of those of you that have Maggies in a room that can make them breath. I have had may of them over the years and currently have 1.7’s in a smallish basement room, tweeters in, firing just in front of me, about 3 feet from the wall. Whatever works, works, but getting them off the floor and at least 3 feet from the back wall are a given. I would caution only one thing. Some of the after market stands can raise them quite high, leaving your ear lower than the center of the diaphragm which I feel is an subtle but ideal location.