Magnepan and room size

Although I absolutely love my Wilson W/P 8’s, I’m really longing to go back to Maggies…

The room is 15’ wide by 24’ deep, full heigh ceilings (~8’) with an alcove that is 6’w x 8’ long. How large of a Maggie can I get a way with? 3.7i’s would surely fit, but would it be too tight for 20.7’s?

Last Maggie’s were 1.6’s and MMG’s (as my college system!) before that. I do need a bit of space in the middle (wall mounted TV), so I can’t go too large due to that.

The amp is a Gryphon Diablo 300 (which drives Maggies beautifully!) and also a pair of REL S/812’s.

I had 3.7s, now 20.7s, in a room that likely isn’t bigger than that. I can check later.

The long wall is the front wall. I guess you could say that it’s ‘near field’ listening. A bit much for the room size, but we do love ‘em.

Thanks RobH. For me, the speakers would have to be along the 15’ wide wall (which is the front wall). No way to setup the room in any other way

Audiojan, the 20.7 is just much better than the 3.7. The bigger maggies allways produce a more lifelike and realistic soundstage. When I had Maggies. I progressed up form 3.6’s to 20’s to 20.1’s. My current set up uses Acoustat 2+2’s which I’ve modified in a 27’x12’x8’ acousticaly treated room. When it comes to panels, bigger are most often better. One reason for this is that the panels don’t have to work as hard to produce output. In onther words lower distortion. Actually, the priniciple also holds true for using multiple drivers. All the best.

Well, sh*t, that comment might cost me money. Thanks Wayne! :rofl:

Only concern I have is can I fit the 20.7’s in my space. I have to use the 15’ wide wall and I do need a bit of space between the speakers (there’s a TV on the wall behind them). And no, I can’t move the TV… I have a full 7.4.2 HT in the same room (ceiling and inwall speakers, with a received in a utility room that’s next to the audio room). Can’t give up the HT completely… :slight_smile:

Remmember the speakers dont need much distance from the sidewall. 12" should be good, maybe even a little less if you can do some esthetically pleaseing acoustic treatment to the walls. Esperimenting with the distance behind the speakers and the listening position, should prove to be the most critical in really getting the best performance. With my system the speakers and listening position are about 8’ from the walls and so I listen about 11’ from the speakers. I found that it is important to control reflections coming off the walls behind the speakers and the listening position. So if you can do a combination of diffusion and absorbtion you should experiment with them. My sidewall distance to the speakers is 18" because of a HVAC duct that runs along the cealing. I think you should be able to get the speakers to perform very well given your room dimensions.


A second on what @wctaudio says. I had 20.7s in a room that was 18ft wide and 30 deep with 8ft ceilings. Spend the extra dough and go 20.7s with some Rel subs. You won’t regret it.


I created this thread on my adventures of treating my 20.7s.

That’s some vintage PS Audio gear you were rocking! Wait a minute that’s what I’m currently rocking! Lol


So my Maggie envy is skyrocketing… guess the process will start with selling my W/P 8’s and then start the search

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TMR is a Maggie dealer. Not sure if there’s any deals or special pricing but give Nick Lucini a call.


Do you have other speakers to listen to in the meantime?
Back in April of this year (2022), there was a 6-month wait for new LRS/LRS+ speakers from Magnepan.
I do not know whether December 2022 wait times are longer or shorter, or whether the wait time affects all models or just the LRS/LRS+, but worth checking.

I do. I have a few sets of speakers tucked away for exactly that reason. :slight_smile:

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My vote is 20.7. :grinning:. I would have them about 6” off side walls - leaving you 9’ in between on the 15’ wall. Bring them 5’ or more out from the front wall. The side walls will actually improve bass in this setup. What electronics do you have?
Oh the gryphon. Fantastic.

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I taped up the room to get an idea of how much space I would need. The 20.7’s will be extremely tight… I can get 6" side wall, but that’s about it. The depth is no issue, I have over 5’ today with my Watt Puppies.

There’s two issue with the 20.7’s. I just get enough space between them that you can see the TV from all seating positions. This is non-negotiable for the wife (and she’s a classical trained pianist, with a minor in music from college, so she appreciates music). Second issue might be the height… I clear the ceiling without any issues, but my front 3 speakers for the HT are Thiel PowerPoint, which are ceiling mounted. I need them to “fire” above the speakers and with the 20.7’s, I’m not 100% they will.

I have decided to sell off the Wilsons (as much as I adore them!) and get Maggie’s. Going to demo a pair of LRS+ from a local dealer next week. Figured I start small and step up to get an idea where I need/should stop. I never listen really loud, and I do have a pair of REL S812’s, so lack of low end is not an issue.

If you are considering 20.7’s but think they are too big, I would recommend 3.7i’s over starting with the LRS. First, your room may be too large for the LRS and the 3.7i has the ribbon tweeter. I have my 3.7i’s matched within a pair of JL E110 subs crossed over at 60Hz to not only augment the bottom end, but takes the stress off the panels to play cleaner and louder with less stress on the amp as well. My basement system is in a 20 x 30 foot room with 7 1/2 foot ceilings.

Luckily I have a very patient and understanding local dealer (within a 20min drive none the less!). Figured that I’d start with the LRS+ to get an idea of how they sound, then move on to 1.7i’s and 3.7i’s. I see no reason to go to the 0.7’s… not enough of a different compared to the LRS+ or the 1.7i’s.

I will run the Maggie’s full range and augment the low-end with the REL’s.

I heard the LRS+ at Axpona 2022, and they were VERY, VERY impressive sounding. Even at their $1000 price point, they were revealing enough that I could hear the weak spot was the Bryston amps used to power them (I am a tube fan). The setup was for nearfield listening and the LRS+ were wonderful.

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Went to my local dealer today. Listened to LRS+, 1.7i and 3.7i. As crazy as it might sound, the LRS+ really won out! It’s something magical about them… no bass to speak of, high end recessed, but what it does is pure magical. Pulled on my heart strings


I agree. I’ve heard the same three and feel the same way. The LRS+ is some sort of mini miracle of planar speakers.