Adding capacitors to power supply of older P300 regenerator

I have two P300’s ,a year ago I replaced all 6 capacitors in the power supply with new Nichicon 3300uF caps . Originals were leaking.

My second P300 has a few caps that are bulging. I read about a past Cullen mod which doubled the # of capacitors in the older series of power regenerators. If I can safely shoehorn in 6 additional same size caps to double the capacitor capacity to now 12 caps, will the unit be able to handle this without adverse affect. This was a previous Cullen mod which was available in the past. Would I need to make any other changes to have the unit handle the increased capacity. Thanks for your help.

Shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you for your blessing. I met you in SDiego at a listening of your new DAC (at the time) and also recently at the Newport Show. Appreciate your down to earth approach to communications with your customers. After I add the extra capacitance, I am likely going to add Multiwave PLUS, I have multiwave, but not the PLUS on my P300. Will that enhance my extra capacitors effect ?

Sure. The extra capacitance will help provide energy for the extended charging period MW+ provides.

Capacitors are used in power supplies to reduce the AC component of the voltage source. Adding capacitors will refine the ripple that is caused by the waveform from the input source. The more refined the ripple is the closer the output voltage will be to a battery like DC supply; meaning the more constant or stable the DC voltage value at the output side will be.

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I am also agree that doubling the number of the capacitors will not affect your system.

Instead it will help you to increase the power stability and doubles the energy for your charging time. In this type of systems, it is always be a beneficiary to add more number of capacitor.

Even though I agree with the concept of adding capacitance, there must be a point of diminishing return.

There can be with amplifiers. I have read a number of designer accounts describing adding capacitors until the sound did not improve, and some mentioned diminished sound with too many.