Which Power Regenerator?

Need some help sizing and picking a Power Regenerator.

System size: Amp is a Pass Labs Aleph30 with a constant 600 watt draw, a DAC, Mac mini running Roon.


  • What is the difference between the PowerPlant 3 and 12? Is it just wattage capacity for is there more?
  • Key difference between older PowerPlant 10 and latest PowerPlant models?

I have a line on a used PowerPlant 10 and wondering if buying new is worth the extra $$ for latest model?

Appreciate the help!

Great to hear that you’re looking to get a regen. Wattage is one of the biggest differences between the P3 and P12. However, the voltage regulation is more stable in the P12 along with lower output impedance. This stays true as you go up the line with the P20 having the most stable voltage and lowest output impedance.

The new line of regens have a number of upgrades over the older ones. Most notably is the improved way of rebuilding the wave form. We are using a DSD based chip set which allows the output to be more accurate. Because of a few of the upgrades we made, the output voltage is more stable in the current lineup as well. No matter what is coming in and how much current your system is pulling, the new regens do a better job of keeping the output voltage darn near 120V (U.S. units).

Let us know what you end up with and how you like it in your system!

Thanks James for the help.

Seems like the model 12 is the best fit for my configuration above, 250 watts continuous with no more than another 300 watts peak.

Nice, the P12 will do brilliantly with that load.

I unfortunately missed quoted my load for my system. Total continuous load from looking at the service manuals is 230 watts.

Seems like the P3 power regenerator would work fine.

The P3 specifications state power regulation <.1% volts.

Is this to be interpreted as <.12 volts based on 120VAC source? That’s pretty darn good regulation!

Yes, the P3 should be happy under that load.

Just pulled the trigger and bought a new P3 Regenerator.

Thanks for the help.

Congrats Dave! Keep us posted with your impression once you get it installed.


Believe this is a good thread to ask!

With a CD (30), a pre-amp (70) and an A/B power amp (300), I have a total rating of 400 watts “Peak” power needs! Reality being I never drive the power amp into clipping, with possibly “Continuous” power draw at much less than 3-5% of the rated of 125 watts/8 ohm loads, would the P3 be able to handle this overall re-generator capability?!

FWIW, my A/B class Sub has a 650 watt max power rating, thus will be plugged directly into the wall circuit!

Hey Theo, yes a perfect thread for this question. Remind me the speakers you’re running, or at least their efficiency? Also, what type of levels are you usually listening at? I agree with you, let’s keep that sub directly into the wall.

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Ascend Acoustic Sierra-2EX monitors @ 87db efficiency! Genre of music listening is 95%+ acoustical non-amplified music, with typical room filling 75 to 85 db sound level sessions! Thanks for the assistance! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the pics. Man, you’re right on the cusp of a P3 possibly doing the trick, or needing just a bit more juice from the P12. While idle and while you’re listening, does your amp get fairly warm?

NEVER…just a few degrees above the idle temp! :relieved:

FWIW (a lot), I’m driving the monitors HP from 50Hz on up, requiring much less power amp output! The Sub handles the LP of 50Hz (both at 12db x-over slopes)! :+1:


That’s good, means it’s a pretty efficient amp. A P3 will likely fit your needs. You will certainly be pushing it, but based off the info you’ve provided, I don’t believe you’ll have any trouble.

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With 300 watts Continuous, 500 watts Short term and 900 watts Peak Output Ratings (all stated on the features page), believe the P3 may be just the right ticket (err, component) for my needs!! :grin: :+1:


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