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New to this forum. I submitted a question regarding the Stellar P3 before realizing that I could ask my questions here. Also realized that I should have provided more information.

My system consists of the following:

Amplification: Audio Note Meishu Phono Silver Signature Tonmeister (8W 300B SET Integrated),
Max power consumption 200W

Speakers: Audio Note AN-E/SPe HE Sensitivity 97.5dB

Digital: Audio Note CD3.1x/II - Max power consumption 48W

TT: Nottingham Analogue Systems Interspace Jr. Max power consumption ??
(no On/Off power switch. TT is always on unless unplugged).

Tuner: Magnum Dynalab MD102T Max power consumption ±50-100W

My question was concerning whether the Stellar P3 would be sufficient to power my system.
Considering that the TT is always on, it’s conceivable that all of the electronics could be powered up
at the same time. Not likely - but possible. Usually, it’s everything except the tuner.

No plans to upgrade amplification so the PowerPlant P12 seems like overkill. Agree with @dyl71.
Not much wiggle room for growth which raises the same question: Any plans for a redesign of the Stellar P3 to say 600W if no plans to introduce a PP model to cover the gap between the P3 and P12?

Sorry for the long post.

Hi @acapella48
Congratulations! You have a beautiful system. I tried to locate the thread where another Audio Note owner raised the same question, and ended up buying a large power plant. He was so pleased with the improvements. In my opinion the large regenerators give you better control over settings, especially high regulation which is a favourite with tube amps.

The higher the model, the better the materials used, especially busbars. Moreover, output impedance gets lower as we go up the chain. Under normal listening conditions my system draws about 200 watts, but I use P15.


From a purely power standpoint I would say the P3 is certainly adequate to handle your load. Do remember that while Power Plants increase in power output capability as they get bigger, they also sound better than the next down model regardless of load.


Hi @Paul,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy watching your YouTube videos from time-to-time, especially the interviews with Bascom H. King. And I am equally impressed with your photography chops. I’ve dabbled in photography off and on since high school. First introduction to large format was back in '73 in college and had an opportunity to take some private instruction from Per Volquartz at his home in Pasadena prior to his passing away in 2011. Per and John Sexton at one time worked together for Ansel Adams.

Love the 4x5 format. Sold my kit after Per’s passing. Don’t have the room for a darkroom and not many B&W film processing labs around these days; although, there is one lab locally that uses Gordon Hutchings PMK formula. I caught the Pyro bug from Per. I shoot primarily with Fujifilm X System cameras nowadays.

Best regards,

Hey there @Serhan,

Nice to know. I briefly received some feedback from one of Audio Note’s factory service technicians. He told me that he has been using PS Audio regenerators since PS Audio first started making them and still has one in his main Audio Note system. He further stated that the Tonmeister has a 3.15A fuse so draws no more than 2A continuous and that the PowerPlant 3 should be fine.

I’ll probably take advantage of PS Audio’s Trade-In program.

Decisions, decisions :thinking:

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Another thing to consider is weight of the regenerator. They start at 39 lbs.(boxed) all the way up to 105 lbs. (boxed).

Thanks, Dwain. Love it! I finally got tired of film and fell in love with digital. Wow. I am still hooked but the results are so much better for me now.


Yes, I hear ya. I refer to my Meishu, that weighs in at approx. 66 lbs. as “The Beast.” Needless to say, it doesn’t get moved around much.

BTW - forgot to mention that my system is on a 20A dedicated circuit.

We get several power outages a year where I live, primarily due to weather but sometimes they just seem to happen for no apparent reason.
So surges and spikes could be a serious issue. So far I’ve been lucky. I’ve been considering installing whole house surge protection at the circuit panel.

Although my preference would be for something more straight-forward like the P3, the P12 does peak my interest and the weight is manageable.

By that I mean the additional features and functionality e.g.( touchscreen, various meters and scope, etc.) I’m sure comes in handy but it wouldn’t be on a network.


Surges and voltage fluctuations were the original reason I got a regenerator. Prior to the regenerator, the power conditioner was tripping a few times a day. I wanted good system protection, and got sound improvement as a byproduct.

It is good to start with the P12. Connecting a regenerator to the network gives you long term reports of incoming and outgoing THD, voltage in and voltage out, watts drawn, as well as device temperature. You see weekly graphs of all the above. I find them quite helpful in explaining why certain things happen.

Good luck with whatever you decide to get.

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4x5 film by itself has almost 3 million pixels of resolution. Adding a 4x5 or larger digital back to the mix OMG!

Way to go Paul.

@acapella48 I will agree that the P12 is a sweet spot in the lineup if it fits your budget. If you haven’t called them yet to discuss give it a shot.


:+1: Methinks that’s a very good idea.

:+1: I have a Mesh network in place now. Adding a couple of Coax to Ethernet adapters sounds like a good idea. I get Internet download speeds of 30-31Mbps but depending on time of day as low as 12Mbps.
That WiFi signal gets streamed via an eero mesh which transmits that signal to a Roku Streaming Stick Plus on my LG OLED

Not only would I receive the benefit of power regeneration and the network reporting capability you mention, adding adapters would also increase my network speed thereby increasing its performance and coverage.

But by extending network coverage wouldn’t that introduce more noise?

In my experience, compared with noise from cable networks, air borne distortion from range extenders is minimal. Reference is always to streaming whether using a server or subscription service. Other than this, I would not worry about it.

I need to add that LAN noise (in my case) does not seep from the power regenerator to other devices in the chain.

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Understood. Just placed an order for the Stellar P3. I can always upgrade to the P12 in the future.


Congratulations! You will like it.


NOTE: I have a bad power tube that needs to be replaced before continuing my evaluation of the SPP3 in my system. Listening time was limited to about 3 hrs.

Music CD’s used:

Eliane Elias - Made in Brazil
Gregg Karukas - Gk, Blue Touch

I’ve had a SPP3 in my system for only one day and I noticed an improvement with clarity and articulation.
The first source component I used to evaluate any noticeable change was my Magnum Dynalab MD102 FM tuner. Despite not having an antenna, FM signal was much more focused and I could increase volume without an increase in noise. As you know, FM radio signal quality varies based on several things including atmospheric conditions.

Next up was my AN CDP3.1x/II. Again music had more clarity and instruments, voices were more articulate. Despite having a bad 300B, I could not detect any additional noise the tube might be producing and their was no distortion I could hear at the level I was listening. Overall, I would say an already musically engaging and revealing system with the SPP3 in the mix improved upon what I was already hearing.

My tech is in the process of sending me a pair of 300B’s to replace the stock tubes. In the meantime, he suggests that I don’t play the system until I replace the bad tube. The tubes that I will be receiving are AN 4300E. A 300B manufactured to Audio Note’s specifications by Psvane. The stock 300B’s are also made by Psvane but the AN 4300E’s should be a step-up.

No problems or complaints as far as the SPP3 goes. Very hefty and well designed component that so far, does what it was designed to do.

Once my new tubes get here, I’ll be able to hear my TT as source and I’ll be able to hear how far I can push it without causing any distortion or noise.

Looking forward to a fun journey. In addition to new tubes, I’ll be making a cable change between the CDP and my Meishu in the near future. Right now the Meishu is driving a pair of AN-J/SPe’s.



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