Adona Nemesis Audio Rack - PHOTO (scroll down)

I have had a few calls & PM’s regarding my progress on the Adona Nemesis Audio Rack. Well, I have a great many pieces as you can see in the photos - and there are more. I did not take photos of the 5 granite-marble shelves which range from 50 to 95 pounds each.

After I catch up at the shop, I hope to try to sort this puzzle out. I have to build cables on New Year’s Day - I am thinking Detroit Monday build cars!

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Today, Shiloh & I will finally try to put this thing together. There are days I wish he had thumbs.

I started. Laid out all those the bits & pieces. Then I quit.

guess they don’t call it ‘nemesis’ for nothing

@dcastle That is hilarious! :-))

Thank you for your post. Great to start the day with a smile!

All “bits & pieces” are back in the bag. Maybe Sunday?

Started set-up of the Adona Nemesis rack in earnest this morning. Much vacuuming and Glass Plus being used. Step 2 is leveling - I hate that part.

Keep enough space for example to rear wall to be able to attach all cables too…

@vsopking Too late. DONE!!! Photos soon - I hope.


Congrats. Can’t wait to see pictures.

How many pieces?

@dcastle How many pieces?

You have no idea - nor do I. It is not the most user friendly rack to setup. Granted, the is a Nemesis 3 (now up to #4- link below) rack with too many options to list but featuring 5 of the Signature Level granite/marble shelves including an over sized TT shelf. Those damn things weigh a ton.

I did one modification - well 2. For convenience only, I substituted the Herbie’s Audio 1/4-20 thread Glider Feet for the spikes. ( . Yes, I know - a sonic disaster.

The 2nd modification, if you can call it that, was to use the oversize Nemesis TT top shelf as a 2nd shelf on my wall-mount TT stand. I have a 2-tier wall-mount TT rack, The top tier where the TT rests is a 4" thick slab of Birdseye Maple that Chris from Timbernation made for me. (

That still left me with 4 shelves: The bottom is where the P-1000 is located and the upper most holds the VPI SDS power something. That’s it so far.

The awesome LKV Research 2-SB Phono stage (shipped Monday) will use one of the open shelves. If you have never heard the LKV 2-SB phono, give Bill a call - it is truly amazing. ( I heard it in the VPI room at one of the audio shows.

Link to Adona Nemesis 4 System Rack:

birddogthecat said: Yes, I know - a sonic disaster.

What were you thinking?!

That he needs a way to move this one ton beast without driving a forklift into the house? :slight_smile:


Here is a photo of the Adona Nemesis rack. One shelf had to be removed so the the P-1000 could breathe. The over-sized granite/marble shelf is now the 2nd tier of the TT wall-mount stand.

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That is a beautiful hunk of wood underneath the turntable. How tall of a step ladder do you need to access the turntable? It looks like it is just below ceiling level. :open_mouth:


Any opinion as to the effectiveness of the rack?

wingsounds13 said: It looks like it is just below ceiling level

No, just below eye level which is perfect for me. I do need a step latter (1 step up) while using the jig to setup cartridge overhang. This height makes azimuth setting a breeze - if that procedure can ever be termed as such on a uni-pivot arm.

I should have included a meter stick in the photo for perspective. For now, the PS AUdio P-1000 is a huge beast.

The Jasmine 2.5DU you see pictured is currently on AudioGon because the LKV Research 2-SB (2 box) Phono arrives today or Friday.

@elk Yea, It is big, heavy, and a pain in the back and ass to setup. Over the years, I have set up probably 100 audio racks. Never before have I been through such an ordeal.

You see, each shelf has edges that are canted or sloped inward from the edge. Consequently, after you get those damn mounting points leveled (the posts are not graduated), the position you place the shelf onto those points affects level…remember these shelves weight 60-80 pounds (small ones). You have any idea what is like to fine tune a big, heavy shelf moving it a millimeter left, right, back…unbelievable. Never again.

The “best practices” would be to cut a piece of wood 19"x19"x1" and use that for leveling. You would still have to deal with the canted shelf edges.

How does it sound? I have no idea. Still waiting for VPI to send me the new HR-X1 platter, over-sized bearing, sub-plinth weight, and armboard. Been 3 months and I work for a VPI dealer.

I can somewhat relate as I have a PolyCyrstal stand, with their ultra high density shelf option. Silly heavy - but it sounds great.