Advice for Small Studio System

My wife just cleared space in a bonus room over the garage, converting it from an art studio to a yoga studio. (Someday I will be flexible again.)

I’d like to put a small system up there, but over the years I’ve been so involved with the main rig that I don’t know what options exist for a smaller setup.

I’ve looked at Sprout, but even that seems overkill, as there is no need for analog inputs, headphones, etc.

We’d like to have something small and uncomplicated, hopefully one box and a pair of small speakers with decent sound. All streaming, no disc, no vinyl. We could either Bluetooth from an iPhone acting as a Roon endpoint, or perhaps this setup could be its own endpoint, although it would have to be WiFi since there’s no Ethernet drop up there.

Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks!

Just a thought, but my den system serves a similar function, Hegel H120 and Aerial 5t speakers. The Hegel can be wired directly to a network (ethernet) and operate PnP with Tidal connect. While I do not use this feature, Innuos Zen Mk3 instead, I understand it is rather straight forward.

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That setup seems nice, @weedeewop , but wayyyyy more cash than I had intended for this type of system. We’re looking for something more budget-concious, since the sound doesn’t have to be that good.


Could you be more specific regarding your sonic goals and budget?

Vince has recommended the B&o stand alone speaker, and considering the source a solid budget consideration.

I am kicking around the idea of one for use on our deck at our summer home.


This is not for critical listening. Just background music, yoga videos, etc.

Budget: I see the Sprout and ELAC combination goes for a bit over $1,000, but I have no idea how it sounds, and I wouldn’t need the analog inputs or headphone capability. Somewhere in that ballpark would be okay.

Currently, we only have a portable Boom 3 bluetooth speaker up there, so anything that sounds better than that would be good. (Setting the bar rather low, I think.)

Then as other’s have suggested a Sonos or B&o would be the ticket. Done! Spend the savings on music.

I wouldn’t mind two speakers that play stereo.

Kii SEVEN - Wireless Music System
Anniversary 10 - A10 Active Wireless Speakers – Buchardt Audio
Duetto active stereo wireless loudspeaker system | Sonus faber
Wireless HiFi Speakers | KEF UK
Dynaudio Focus series | Complete wireless sound system

Sonos Stereo Pair

Sonos can be configured for stereo, as can B&o. BTW, GOOGLE is your friend.

B&o Wireless stereo pairing

I believe RobH wants to come in under $1,000.

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POWERNODE - Bluesound

I just read… KEF LSX II is good direction. But… Maybe a good solution would be to buy a decent used amplifier - Cambridge Audio or NAD - and Wiim Pro PLUS + Elac/B&W

KEFs are very good at the price point. Depends on how firm RobH is with his budget.

You didn’t specify the size of the room. This is very important to be able to recommend something.

Condescension is ugly in all its forms, and ruins an otherwise helpful attitude. (I know, because I googled the difference between “patronizing” and “condescending”.) :wink:

Thanks for the help, @urbanmonster and @john2213 . I’ll chase down some of those options and see if anything fits the bill. Based on functionality and price-point, I’m sure something will work out well.

Budget is flexible. I just don’t want to go too over the top given the space and purpose.

And the room is weird. Being a bonus room that spans over the garage and master bedroom, it’s at least three times as long as it is wide. Our position crossways in the room will necessarily make it near-field listening.

I was and continue to be helpful, but you really did not give us a lot of info to work with. Thus the suggestions are a bit all over the map. A bit more specificity, and a little ground work on your own helps us all help you in a meaningful way.

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So well said. :rofl:

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You have a great, enviable opportunity - to start from scratch!

First three steps (if it were me):

  1. Agonize over room acoustics and where you want to generally place the speakers; and take steps to optimize both.

  2. Research and shop for the best, most “full-range” stand-mounted speakers you can afford.

  3. Take your time adding sources and such - “slumming” at first (maybe with something you already have lying around) with a plan to upgrade and flesh out the system as time and budget permits.

In addition, I would plan on adding a quality subwoofer or two over time.

(Over?) Enthusiastically yours,