Best speaker under $10K, for a smaller room (Condo living room)

Hi all,

I am curious to know what are some of the top contenders for a sub-10K speakers (new or used) that fits the bill for a condo?

My requirements are, smallish to fit, full range, doesn’t HAVE TO be placed too far away from the wall, not extremely hard to drive (own a Classe CA-2100, 200W into 4-0hm), musical, and flexible enough to play Jazz, Rock, Techno, PLUS movies well! I’ve heard some speakers that play Classical/Jazz greatly and then absolutely ruin any rock music! Also, as I live in a condo, these speakers would also play my L-R channel of HT for our Netflix and movie watching… so if a matching center could be found is ideal!

My current speaker is a B&W 805S (not diamond), and generally I am happy with them. I also have a small B&W PV1 subwoofer that despite its size, it actually does quite well going low and it’s quite musical. But, I wanna move to a full range speaker now, and possibly change the sub. The brands I’ve been looking at are Focal, B&W, and possibly the new Magico A3. I did listen to A3 at a dealer in Anaheim, connected to a Tube amp, and it DISAPPOINTED! I am not so sure if it was the Amp, or the speaker, while it has amazing bass for its size, it absolutely lacked details in the mid and highs! I attribute that mostly the the Tube amp, but not having a solid state setup to do a comparison, it’s hard to say!

Thanks for any insight! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Check out Dave Fabrikant Ascend Acoustics just down the road in San Clemente.

I have the Sierra 2. Don’t look at the prices, just go listen and take a pair home for a trial. He also makes centers that match.

Thanks, never heard of em, have to check em out. I live in Vancouver, Canada though… was just visiting Anaheim. Will probably go back soon though.

Try a pair of KEF LS50 (on sale). GREAT bookshelfers.

Kef LS50 has no bass. I like my current speakers much better.

You said full range and smallish. Only one that comes to mind is Dynaudio X38. 3-way speaker, full range. If you want more everything , then X44. If money burns holes in the pockets, head to JBL Synthesis website and end the game there

GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference

(floor standing speakers take little more space than small speakers on stands)

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Thanks, that’s a good option to checkout. I am also gonna audition B&W 804D which is similarly sized, Focal 6’5" driver options. Now, one question, the Dynaduio has a rear port, doesn’t that mean it simply cannot be placed close to the wall vs. front ported speakers?

It is rear ported indeed, but they do offer the foam plugs I believe, if the room gain bass becomes excessive, then it may tame it that way

If I were in the market for new speakers, I would be sure to check out the current offerings from Tyler Acoustics:

I have a pair of Tyler’s (discontinued) Linbrook Signature System floorstanders in my surround system and they never fail to amaze. By buying factory direct, you cut out two middlemen – the distributor and the dealer. The value proposition is off the charts with these speakers, and Tyler is a great guy to deal with.

What’s a condo? An apartment in a high rise building, right?

Highland H2s. I always figure they’re not audiophile enough for this crowd but I do love them. I have a big room and they soundstage like crazy in my room.

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A condominium is a residence in a multi-family structure, similar to an apartment. The difference is in a condominium there are individual owners of the units. With apartments, there is a single owner, and it is occupied by renters.

Ditto the T refs, Elk… small footprint (built in subs), around $8k.

Modern minimalist styling. Pair great with M700s.

Or if you want something smaller, Triton One R $6500

PSB Imagine T3! Very musical, very very natural sound. IMO.

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Maybe a great sounding option but the aesthetics don’t work with our modern decor, having in mind this will be placed in our main living room and I don’t have a dedicated room for it! :see_no_evil:

Spendor D7 or 9, Legacy Focus or Signature, Reynaud Abscisse Jubilee or even Verity Finn.

I’m a big fan of Focal’s new Aria line.

If you could get your hands on a set of gently used Kii Three’s… that would be a whole new ballgame IMHO.