Bhk signature 250 vs McIntosh mc462. Battle of stereo amp?

Hi ps audio friends i only have a directstream dac we i love it , but I don’t have any expirience. With bhk amp and McIntosh mc 462 amp I never hear one , but ps audio and McIntosh are very popular brand , what you think of the sound caracterist, the ps. Audio have more lovely neutral sound is better for rock music 70 , 80 and hip hop electronic than McIntosh or McIntosh sound are good for orchestra , jazz blues classical than ps audio, let me now your thinking, thanks Alfredo

McIntosh house sound is a misnomer. It is neutral. If you find something that reproduces accurate live instruments. any music will sound great produced accurately if it is a good source. Music coloration will lose its appeal versus accurate amplification. Same goes for any amplification brand. When I went McIntosh and big power amps. . No need for tone controls I used on other brands.


Thanks for the info I whant to demo McIntosh I hope I like the sound , you have ps audio equipment? You heard ps audio sound if you compared to McIntosh what is the diference I listen rock music like zepellin Pink Floyd the police Guns N’ Roses, whit this type of music which brand will sound better , because a th sound carasteric of both brand?

I just have the DSD DAC. Paul says his amps are three dimensional. I get that with McIntosh equipment too. I have no doubt the BHKs are fine amps. It would be fun to compare but my speakers need more watts. The M1200 might do them some justice though instant current available is not there in the specs. BHK I would need two to three amps a side. There are some folks in the M1200 beta test going against MC611 and MC601.

Thanks for the info I have only directstream dac , like you , I am looking the right combination for my legacy focus se. Speakers , I have two option the McIntosh mc462 with McIntosh c2700 preamp or go with the ps audio bhk250 amp whi the ps audio bhk preamp , what you think will be better option for my legacy speakers, because you McIntosh amp , will be good or you think I will go ps audio bhk gear , ? Let me your thinking because of your expirience

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I am sure either are a fine choice. People love the MC452 and MC462 both Quadbalanced. I am biased to mono blocks. But ran MC2500 it was much better bridged in Mono. You cannot bridge MC462 but it easily outputs 770 or more a channel. You can’t beat McIntosh reliability and I like balancing level with the meters.

If you go PS Audio spring for BHK 300. Get rid of crosstalk wherever possible. Believe me it will open up the sound. PS audio has great support. My DSD had dead optical New In Box. If returning to factory is an issue consider that.
I don’t think you can go wrong either company sound wise and listening satisfaction. .

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Thanks for the info. My friend :slight_smile:

Late on this topic, sorry.

Does a MC 462 necessarily need in your opinion a MAC pre? Or a BHK Pre could be a possible good marriage?

Looking at possible upgrades in my future amplification I’m incline to experiment the stereo and solid steel route for the first time in my life. Keeping the BHK Pre.

@vkennedy61 (my mentor, after all savvy advices gift) seems to have enough experience about SS stereo amps combined in a PS Audio system. And other members, too.

A unique piece between speakers, with the right power, without the need to be fed to a second regenerator (only a P20 for sources) and most of all: DEAD SILENT!

  • MC 462 would be my first McIntosh unit, and once in a life I think I need to try this brand. Power and silence.
  • X250.8 Pass Labs. Another milestone I feel very attractive in my “basic experience” along my audiophile journey. My dealer said “it becomes hard in summer in your room using it” and this would be a problem.
  • Burmester. So difficult to have for a home audition but I’d like it so much.
  • Jeff Rowland. Very very hard to find and more expensive.
  • Luxman. Too much expensive and hard to have here for home audition.

I don’t like Parasound, Accuphase.and Classé.

All choices must stay in a 10-15K euro range considering also a trade in of my P15+M1200s to lower considerably the amount to be invested. And a good dealer to accept this kind of deal.

  • BHK 250, the most obvious upgrade. But I’m scared about its performance without the P15 and most of all the ability to sound silent. I’m referring not only to tube sound/noise but also and more to mechanical buzz from the toroidal transformer. That is my actual issue with the P15 and the reason why I’m starting to think about the above mentioned upgrade.

A home audition is needed, (not a dealer audition only) as usual here in Italy it requires a lot of time and effort, so I’m taking note of a list of amp candidates to start the hard work of persuasion with possible dealers.

I need to confess that my dream is the MSB S202 but is not affordable at the moment.

I’m not even close to a decision and these are only “night thoughts” but you know me enough, I can take impulsive and speed decisions sometimes.



Constellation Inspiration Stereo 1.0

Gamut M250i


As an owner of the BHK preamp for four years truly balanced amps only. In my system the preamp went and the BHK 250 stayed. It was never noisy or tube quirky like the preamp.


I’ll study the lesson tonight, thanks!


McIntosh Mono amps MC611 or use two MC462 each channels biamp the HF and LF or better yet Two MC451 run HF off tube amp section and LF off solid state amp.

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Wow, it means doubling all! It’s a lot of power! I know you love MAC gear (if I remember well you are using the 1,2W). If I ever considered this upgrade I’d like to go first for a unique amp, stereo and SS. Never thought a possible next step by Bi-amping the MC462. Thanks. I need to discuss a home audition with one of my trusted dealers. Not so easy to convince them.
But I need/want to keep the BHK Pre. What do you think about the MC462+BHK Pre marriage? I’m reading about the tendency habit to match amp/pre of the same brand for McIntosh owners (and in general in effect).

If you are going to decide between Pre and Amp, change the Pre first. I am still amazed at what happened here with the VTL. Shocked really.

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I agree. I was amazed also when I swapped the BHK preamp for the Supratek preamp. Not all the remote controlled bells and whistles but just better sound.


The MC462 won’t bridge unfortunately but biamp can be fun. McIntosh pairs well with other brand preamps. I have been trying to avoid tubes. I have been wanting to pair my amps with solidstate Burmester or D’Agostino Momentum HD with HT pass through. I listened to my amps with a Burmester 077 with 1.25KWs but the 077 no HT pass through but it was fine relaxed and detailed pairing. I really haven’t liked 1.25KW with the single chassis McIntosh tube preamps the C12000 is interesting since you can run tube or solid state.

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I’m a little bit confused at the moment, thank you for your always kind support and so much appraciated help. Just for a better clarification of the situation.

My first issue is to get a PERFECT SILENCE in my room, due to a subtle buzz coming from the P15 (and less from the P20).
I’m liking the sound a lot when playing music but during pauses and low level passages I’m still dreaming a dead silent environment and actually I’m not able to reach it, at a desired degree.

I ordered a DC Blocker from Toroidy, a respected brand which produces toroidal transformers for Sean Jacobs and Innuos (as confirmed by Sean himself). If it works, I’m happy, problem solved! If it doesn’t, well it means that my brain could start thinking… and it’s quiet dangerous.

That’s the reason why I’d eventually have/want to put the P15 away from the system and consequently I’d have to accept a less pleasant performance of my M1200s, that at the moment are sounding glorious fed by it.

Economically I’d evaluate a trade in for both the P15 and the amps, to which direction? This is my dilemma. Which different amplification (without the P15) could I search for? First idea is to go for a Stereo and Solid State able to:

  • sound dead silent in my room
  • work perfectly paired with the BHK pre (I don’t want to invest now in a different pre)
  • improve the SQ compared to my actual configuration, as always
  • be available on Italian market, in order to ask to my trusted dealers for a home audition (very fewer brands unfortunately)

Four different goals that probably need less experimentations and more well known and reliable solutions, to better check my above mentioned boxes.

The odd thing is that the noise from the P15 seems to change daily, yesterday I was very disappointed listening to my system, the day before I was in audio Nirvana like the buzz was inaudible.

In these cases, rule no.1 is “keep calm” and be patient. One step at a time, but you know how we Italians are often so impulsive!

Awaiting the DC Blocker from Toroidy, then…

Time will tell.

Even more than suggestions, look at what Vince actually did with his system. THAT may be the best advice.

Me, I’m not changing from the BHK pre to M1200 combo. This combo is magical with the Sonist speakers and now with the FR20. If my judgement ever becomes filled with doubt, i have solid state pre and power amps to temporarily drive the speakers. I then realize how good the hybrids are. :slight_smile:

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Vince is my mentor, without any doubts!

Thanks, Paul. I love the BHK Pre/M1200s combo, too. And I’d like not to replace them indeed. Unfortunately if I’m not able to solve the noise/buzz issue coming from the P15, the pleasure is compromised. Decisions. decisions. decisions… Psycho-acoustic disease? Maybe…

I’m wondering why the P15/P20 were not inherently designed to care care also of DC pollution, with some sort of internal circuit/board filter or what else, and also why their toroidal transformers were not designed to suppress any kind of subtle noise. I love so much how it works with the M1200s, a wonderful regenerator. It’s a pity. Am I the only unlucky owner with this issue? Maybe…230V 50Hz current plays a role, while US models are immune. My dealer confirmed me that also his P20 has the same issue and lot of units he usually sells the same here in Italy. It depends on the location in the room, if into a rack the noise is less audible for instance. Or if it stays a few meters far from the listening position.

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I hope this can get solved soon. Hopefully someone like @jamesh can help.

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