Bhk signature 250 vs McIntosh mc462. Battle of stereo amp?

Hi ps audio friends i only have a directstream dac we i love it , but I don’t have any expirience. With bhk amp and McIntosh mc 462 amp I never hear one , but ps audio and McIntosh are very popular brand , what you think of the sound caracterist, the ps. Audio have more lovely neutral sound is better for rock music 70 , 80 and hip hop electronic than McIntosh or McIntosh sound are good for orchestra , jazz blues classical than ps audio, let me now your thinking, thanks Alfredo

McIntosh house sound is a misnomer. It is neutral. If you find something that reproduces accurate live instruments. any music will sound great produced accurately if it is a good source. Music coloration will lose its appeal versus accurate amplification. Same goes for any amplification brand. When I went McIntosh and big power amps. . No need for tone controls I used on other brands.

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Thanks for the info I whant to demo McIntosh I hope I like the sound , you have ps audio equipment? You heard ps audio sound if you compared to McIntosh what is the diference I listen rock music like zepellin Pink Floyd the police Guns N’ Roses, whit this type of music which brand will sound better , because a th sound carasteric of both brand?

I just have the DSD DAC. Paul says his amps are three dimensional. I get that with McIntosh equipment too. I have no doubt the BHKs are fine amps. It would be fun to compare but my speakers need more watts. The M1200 might do them some justice though instant current available is not there in the specs. BHK I would need two to three amps a side. There are some folks in the M1200 beta test going against MC611 and MC601.

Thanks for the info I have only directstream dac , like you , I am looking the right combination for my legacy focus se. Speakers , I have two option the McIntosh mc462 with McIntosh c2700 preamp or go with the ps audio bhk250 amp whi the ps audio bhk preamp , what you think will be better option for my legacy speakers, because you McIntosh amp , will be good or you think I will go ps audio bhk gear , ? Let me your thinking because of your expirience

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I am sure either are a fine choice. People love the MC452 and MC462 both Quadbalanced. I am biased to mono blocks. But ran MC2500 it was much better bridged in Mono. You cannot bridge MC462 but it easily outputs 770 or more a channel. You can’t beat McIntosh reliability and I like balancing level with the meters.

If you go PS Audio spring for BHK 300. Get rid of crosstalk wherever possible. Believe me it will open up the sound. PS audio has great support. My DSD had dead optical New In Box. If returning to factory is an issue consider that.
I don’t think you can go wrong either company sound wise and listening satisfaction. .

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Thanks for the info. My friend :slight_smile: