Aged to perfection

I had read that the M700’s took time to burn in but I didn’t know the the DirectStream DAC would also get better with age but the combination are aging to perfection. They have caused my Maggies to make unbelievable music. They just keep getting better and better. I’m hearing rich textures in violins and cellos. I have been praising the DS and M700’s on many forums and I am making better progress than when I first started. I have been saying that the M700’s are the perfect amps for large Maggies and when people hear them they will understand.

It’s great that your amps are working so well with your Magnepans! The DS DAC needs at least 250 hours to sound like itself, with additional, more subtle changes up through 500 hours or so. So you may get even further improvements.

oneartist said

I had read that the M700’s took time to burn in . . .

And about how many hours do you have on your M700s? My single will have about 160 today.

I guess about 240 on the DS and 200 on the M700’s

Most of my listening is done on weekends… Do you guys just leave your 700s on all the time? I have been shutting them down (I guess putting them on standby is the more proper term) during the week. Maybe no harm in 24/7 with intermittent off periods such as extended leave, vacation etc?

I do what you do. I did leave them on 24/7 in the beginning to help them burn-in so I certainly don’t think it does any harm to leave them on. Maybe Darren will chime in as to whether there is any benefit to leaving them on all the time or reason not to. In my case, they need to be in standby before I turn my preamp off (Rogue Athena–this is in my second system–which is tube based) in order to avoid thumps and I just leave them in standby after that.