M700s Are Awesome

As one of my audiophile friends says, “…its about the music enjoyment experience…more than the components…” I have owned the M700s for about one month and must say that investing in them was a great choice for my musical pleasure. The M700s replaced another Class D amp that I purchased for considerable more dollars in 2015. As well, the M700s are making it very hard for me to keep my Absolute Sound Class A rated preamp in the audio chain. Connecting the DS DAC to the M700s with under $100 XLR cables produces an outstanding sound that is wall to wall, deep and tonally balanced. I highly recommend the M700s!

My kudos to PS Audio.

Thanks dpsa1222

I’m watching the M700s and hoping that them paired with my Directstream DAC would be a match made in heaven. Am getting frustrated waiting for one of the better magazines/sites to do a proper review. But meantime user experiences like your post are really helping to make the case. Thanks for taking the time to share.



Hey Alan,

We feel your pain! An update on reviews: Early production hurdles (chassis finish) pushed the review process back a bit. I’m just now sending M700s out to reviewers, so it will be another month or two before they start publishing. I sent a pair to Gary Beard (Stereophile) last week, so that one’s in progress already. But, you can see why we do a public beta. These are killer amps and some word needs to get out about them!

Hi Duncan,

Aaarrrghhh! You’re killing me. Two months. I was hoping to pull the trigger next month as a birthday present to myself. Hoped the reviews were due before then.

More seriously - thanks for the update. I guess I might have to go old school and get myself along to a dealer for a listen. Better still see if I can find a dealer that will let me audition them at home.



Hi Alan,

The in-home audition is what we hope for – usually offers the most honest information for your buying decision.

I should correct myself above and say Gary with Positive Feedback will likely be the first review out, possibly in a month or a little more. Review timing is different for every publication, so I can’t offer much more about the rest. Stereophile and Dagogo will also have M700 reviews in the future and are part of my recent review shipments.

Hi @duncan taylor,

Sorry to pester you but can I ask what happened to these reviews? That’s several months later and I’ve not seen anything.

I bought the M700s and I love them. But I’m intrigued as to why they don’t seem to have made it into print?

Many Thanks,


Here’s something;



Thanks @lonson,

I’d been googling PS Audio M700 review so missed the S300 one.

In fairness the positive feedback review is the Stellar DAC, but the 10audio review of the S300 is exactly what Ive been looking for.

Still curious why these haven’t had more ink as Google searches invariably land on stockists or PS Audio site and forums.



I can only concur that the Stellar M700 Monoblocks control with clarity, finesse, accuracy and authority, giving a new dimension of enjoyment to the vintage B&W monitors. Looking forward to the reviews or reading more from anyone with these thoroughly enjoyable Stellar Monos… Allan 41_gif41_gif41_gif

Thanks @j1hampton ,

Cool speakers BTW. Had to google them but great stuff!

I’m genuinely mystified as to why there are no reviews all these months later. Is this some ingenious marketing ploy to keep them secret and maintain an aura of mystery confused

Thanks for that! Indeed, the M700s are just awesome - and please don’t let their low price fool you.goofy-heart_gif

Reviewers have been slow to get excited about even trying the M700s. That’s the problem with making a lower cost amplifier. It gets lost in the shuffle and excitement of higher priced more expensive offerings that intrigue reviewers.

Well darn it Paul, charge a bit more for them and get me that review! wink


The BHK amps seem to be the prize and should be, but not willing to give up on my B&W monitors just yet, the M700s were the perfect choice to bring them to life, literally… they sounded pretty bad, under-powered for years, but with the M700s, powered with AC12s and new AnalysisPlus Solo Oval8 speaker cable for the monitors, they now play exceptionally well, and without question, it is the M700s contributing the most improvement in SQ, which is a fabulous resurrection for a 22 year old B&W speaker. One of the best aspects is that they ARE under the radar, AND they are so mighty, they out perform their footprint by a Mile… i love that…happy-048_gif

The B& W 801 Series 3 may be old, but in their day I believe they were used at Abbey Road Studios, and they are the reference for Dr AIX [Mark Waldrep] who has made some very good sounding DVDs. He is the guy that gave you the option of sitting in the audience or in the middle of the musicians. I have heard a few tracks off the Albert Lee album, all recorded in 24/96, it was very good.

One of my local dealers had the 801s with Threshold amps, and that was quite good. I went with the Legacy FOCUS, as it was factory direct, and I felt it was more speaker for the money. But the 801s were a very expensive speaker in it’s day, and considered a Class A speaker.

Jeff, Thanks for the history on the Matrix 801s, and my apologies for not being clear there, but it’s the M700 Stellar Monos who play well above their footprint and way beyond their price point, imho… 30_gif several days in now, and powered with new AC-12s they are evolving, opening up the sound stage, but also rendering a more emotional musical presentation which i did not expect.

Huge interest in the M700’s & S300’s for a multi-channel system. Is there any rack mounting hardware available for these amplifiers?


I’m not sure about the rack mounting, but I use 3 M700’s for the center and front speakers and an S300 for the rears. I find this a significant upgrade from my McIntosh MC205 5 channel amp, which is a nice unit! I can’t recommend them more highly, especially for the price. I say get them and make the rack mounting work however you can!

You would have to shelf mount on the rack like I do. They make standard rack shelves. There are no specific means of adding rack ears on the M700s.

amgradmd thank you for your input and experience with the M700’s…very nice. I’ve been toying with all M700’s just for the sheer headroom and ummph all the way around but not certain I will…I may opt for a couple of S300’s for the surround duties. How is the noise floor with your system? Non-existent as I suspect? Thank you!