Ah! Tjeob CD Player With DSJ


I have an Aj! Tjeob tubed CD player. It has coax and RCA outputs. Coax bypasses the tube stage, to my understanding. I’d love to hear how the Ah! Tjeob sounds through my DSJ and S300. Is it possible to connect RCA to the DSJ without a separate preamp?

I have one of those - don’t use it much anymore though. I think you’d want to use it as a transport not a CD player. The Tjeob’s a good sounding CD player but the DSJ is a much much better DAC then the DAC inside the Tjeob. Don’t worry about the tube stage you won’t miss it.

I know, just curious to hear the tubes through the DSJ…

In that case DSJ is just acting as a passive line stage not as a DAC. Compared to the DSJ as a DAC it will sound vailed and dated - that’s what mine sounds like compared to the DS- it’s almost 20 years old after all. It’s a pretty good transport though. Adding a good tube preamp - now that’s another story