Replacing DSD Jr with Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

I have a PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC but recently started listening to vinyl again and moving my vinyl into my main 2 channel system (Mc275+Wilson Yvettes). Since DSD Jr doesn’t have analog, I am have a couple of options:

  1. buy a dedicated analog pre-amp/linestage (e.g., rogue rp5/rh5) and connect DSD Jr to it
  2. sell my DSD Jr and replace it with a PreAmp/DAC combo like Mytek Brooklyn Bridge that connects directly to my amp and use it for both digital & analog inputs.

Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? Also does anyone have experience comparing DSD Jr vs Mytek Brooklyn?

Thanks in advance for your feedback & advice.

A good and audiophile friend had a Mytek BB until he brought it to my home and setup. It took 10 minutes of listening and comparing to my DSD Jr until he decided he would sell it - which he has done. To our ears the Mytek sounded harsh and very ‘digital’ in comparison. I would never put a Mytek in my setup. Try and buy a PS Audio BHK preamp (which I also have) and I think you will be MUCH more satisfied.

That said we only listened to the Mytek DAC part, I am not into vinyl at all :slight_smile:

Thanks PerL, appreciate you sharing the experience. Was trying to stave off a large pre-amp investment with the BHK, sounds like I will have to start with Rogue/Hegel for now and slowly work my way to the BHK.

I’m with PerL. If you’ve been enjoying the sound from the DSJ, I don’t think you’d be too pleased with the Brooklyn. Though a nice piece of gear, it is much too gritty and digital for my taste. A separate analog pre would definitely be my recommendation!

I’m the friend who sold the Mytek, it didn’t work for me.
DSJ presentation was more in the room, in front of the speakers compare to Mytek.
I have a P12, this unit made a huge different for the sound, using with Hegel H390!


I had the Mytek Brooklyn and I sold it after a few months. I bought it for MQA as few DAC’s at the time, could decode it natively. The sound is brittle at best and MQA sounded artificial. If you set on a new DAC there are many out there to chose from.

I’m keen on trying a Lumin streamer/ DAC.
It seems on many forums that they are satisfied with them.