Airlens and digital cables

I wanted to share my experience. I am always interested in the wisdom accrued by others. Curiosity, open mindedness and humility are important attributes in most pursuits including this hobby.

I have an EtherREGEN connecting to the Airlens connected to Directstream Mk2.
I initially replaced the stock PS audio HDMI cable with an Audioquest Firebird HDMI between the Airlens and Mk 2. Significant improvement in sound quality.
I was pleasantly surprised.

Next replaced a 4ft length of Belden Ethernet cable with Wireworld Platinum starlight 8 Ethernet cable between EtherREGEN and the Airlens.
Dramatic improvement!

The quality of digital cables has a significant impact on digital music.
The impact on sound quality surprised me.

I am interested in learning more about digital music reproduction. This stuff fascinates me


Hi. My current Airlens chain is a bit different, but not all that different.

From my router powered by an iFi LPS goes to an Sbooster powered EtherREGEN, then via Wireworld Red Ethernet cable to an Innuos PhoenixNET switch, then to my Innuos Zenith MkIII streamer. From there, my Airlens is connected to the PhoenixNET with Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 Ethernet to the Airlens and from there via Platinum Starlight 8 HDMI I2S to my DS Mk2.

I also have the Zenith MkIII connected to the Mk2 via Synergistic Atmosphere Reference USB to an Sbooster powered ISORegen and then via Curious Evolved USB to the Mk2. This arrangement sounds VERY close to the Airlens route to the Mk2, so good is the USB implementation on the Mk2…