AirLens PSA stock I2S (HDMI) cable

Has anyone does a comparison of the stock PSA HDMI cable sent with the AIrLens.

Just curious if comparisons are out there.

Thanks, Dave

Several years ago, I purchased a DMP (CD transport, predecessor to the current PST). It came with a short HDMI cable; the cable supplied with my new AirLens looks identical to that one, although I cannot speak to internal construction. I used the “courtesy cable” for some time but eventually replaced it with a Purist Audio Design HDMI cable ($300 at the time). The improvement was immediately obvious. As I said, the cable now supplied may be different inside. But it’s probably worth experimenting – buy from someplace that will let you return it if it doesn’t improve things in your system.

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I received an Airlens yesterday and it did not ship with an HDMI cable.

I did not try the PSA HDMI cable as I had already purchased a WireWorld cable while waiting for my AirLens to arrive.

I would call PSA service.

My AL came with a PSA “stock” I2S cable.

I just got home from PS Audio after returning a defective Airlens. They confirmed that HDMI cables no longer ship with the Airlens.


PS stock I2S is a good cable…I use and prefer Wireworld Platinum 7 (have not heard the newer 8)…

A pity….

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mine was included with either transport or DAC, can’t remember which…

That’s a shame on both issues! Hoping for better luck with the new unit they send you.

I’ve found the coax on the AirLens (and DS2) is excellent so if you have a favourite coax, give that a go…

The replacement Airlens connects immediately. Sounds great I2S. PS Audio for the win in terms of customer service (thanks Taylor).