I2S Cable Length Considerations

OK fellow obsessives, getting into the weeds a bit now —

I have 28” and 32” RAL I2S cables.

Theoretically, which would be better between my DS Sr. DAC (DS MK I) and the two components I am currently using with the DAC; an AirLens and a PSA DirectStream Memory Player?


Flip a coin and call it done. :grin:

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Not even Clark Kent could hear a difference. Guaranteed.

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Homework assignment, try both and report out. Ensure you also compare both directions as well. 8<)

I didn’t know these I2S cables are selling by inches, odd!

I will go with the more expensive one, it always sound better😆


If the only difference between the two digital cables is 4 inches in length, I would be very surprised if you can hear a difference. If you do, some other variable is at hand, or you have exceptionally good ears. Could be a blessing or a curse. It may be hard to tread lightly in this hobby, which by it’s very nature, is a fickle business.


I should have been a bit clearer in my OP. I read somewhere that there was a theoretical/technical reason for a minimum length of cable when it comes to HDMI/I2S interconnects between sources and DACs; and I was curious about the potential impact given that each of my cables is relatively short.

Maybe I misremembered what I read.


My experience is up to a point, the longer cable sounds better than the shorter one. I have two WW Platinum S7 HDMI cables. One is 1m and the other 1/2m. The 1m has more of the signature of the cable, which shines on lucidly and dimensionality of the images. I prefer the 1m HDMI cable.



Kind of feedback I was looking for…

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