AirLens: To buy or not to buy, that is the question

Good morning all,

I have a P12 A/C Regenerator, a new generation PerfectWave SACD transport, a first generation DS DAC with Bridge II installed. I use MConnect as my control point. My questions:

1, Is the AirLens considered a replacement for the Bridge, or can both be used at the same time?
2, Does PS Audio have its own iOS/Android app for the AirLens?
3, Is there a stark difference between the old combo and the DS DAC Mk.II plus AirLens?

I’m very happy with my combination right now and wondering if it’s worth upgrading. It’s a lot of money to buy both and the toy budget is not where it should be.

Opinions welcomed…


  1. Yes and no. Its the new bridge for the MKII which does not have a slot any more. But its for anyone that wants to use an I2S for Streaming
  2. No it does not. Mconnect is the standard for it. Tidal connect does work as a few others have tested.
  3. TBD - people just getting around to all these comparisons.

I for one bought it. I did MK1 trade in and had credit. So why not try for 1399 delivered. Going to compare to Eversolo for SQ only. Eversolo has way more options, but I can live w/o as I use Roon.


I would not buy for the first few months or even a year to see if PS Audio software and software support is good or not. History tells me PS Audio is not very good with software, even simple font size update for DSD MK2 isn’t done yet, and there are plenty of gremlins still in the DSD MK2, there is a list somewhere you can reference. Airlens is even a more software centric product so I wouldn’t recommend being one of the early adopters unless you really have that itch you need to scratch :slight_smile:


I don’t…

So the AirLens is for Roon users only?

This is the head-to-head that everyone wants to know about, and great that you will be able to compare


Keep in mind you have a 30 window to try the product at home.

Do you have the $899 Eversolo base edition or the $1299 Eversolo master edition?

Oh gosh no. It works with all the services except Apple and Amazon.


I have the standard eversolo.

May I be impertinent and ask if the exclusion of Apple and Amazon is for financial reasons or technical?

I have MK1, MConnect, and Bridge II also. I ordered an AirLens to replace the Bridge II. The Airlens should sound better than the Bridge II.

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Absolutely it will. I have done this test multiple times for people. Easy to hear. Do take care with the HDMI cable as that makes a difference. I still stick with AQ.

I say get the AQ Dragon HDMI cable. That will make more difference than any streamer can. But it might cost you as much as the streamer though.

It is not useful with the Eversolo as it does not stream out via Ethernet. If you have an MK2 DAC the USB input on it sounds the same as the I2S input. Just use USB.

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I have a AQ FireBird 48 HDMI cable waiting in my stereo room!

Technical. We very much wanted Apple but it would have required about 1 year to gain access to their required $0.50 chip needed. The sad part is if we had known the certification process and the parts shortages and the development time we labored through was going to be 18 months we could have add AirPlay. Future versions might include it.


I have been happily using the Mk1+ Bridge 2 card with a DMP and MConnect for Qobuz. Also have the P12 in my system. I loved the combo but always accepted it as inferior sounding to my vinyl/analog setup. I just received my AirLens and MK2 and hooked it up this weekend using the HDMI (I2S) cable that PSA included with the AirLens. The ethernet connectivity was seamless and the MConnect app discovered the AirLens immediately. Right out of the box, I was gobsmacked by the level of improvement on redbook cds as well as streaming. I’m not sure how much the DAC Mk2 is contributing vs. the AirLens but the improvement is staggering to my ears - output level (gain), bass, soundstage, presence, height, width, air around the instruments, and weight of instruments. All aspects have been dramatically improved, effectively narrowing the gap between my vinyl and digital setups. I will probably trade-in my DMP for the PST as well to complete the trifecta.

To nitpick, I’m not looking forward to removing the AirLens from the component rack to access the underside dip switches to apply firmware/streamer upgrades. I am not sure about the driver for this design choice.

In summary, if you have the financial means to do this, the upgrade is a no-brainer.


AirLens is a easy decision: buy. Hard-wired internet eliminates all differences in routers.

It comes with an I2S cable. I understand that an HDMI cable will not work.

If you have some old hifi “junk” around 600 US and can take advantage of the trade-in, the decision is pretty easy. Isn’t the Bridge II is around 600 USD MSRP?