Cannot stream to the DS MK2? (sorry if I am late to the party)

Sorry if already discussed but the MK2 seems like a product for “old people”, said by somebody who is not a spring chicken myself. Most of my listening is performed by streaming Tidal to DSJ by phone. It seems like to replicate that experience with PSaudio components I would now need to purchase two products and spend around 10K. Am I correct or did something get lost in translation?

If you are satisfied with the current system you are very fortunate and getting by cheap. I love my Jr. and could be fine with just it. But yes sir, to go DSD V2 you have to peel back a wad of cash. And wait, if you go there why not…

Slippery slope.


I’ve found Using phone as a server (as opposed to as strictly a control point) doesn’t nearly sound as good as using a laptop. Not really sure why a new topic was necessary to discuss this and insult users based on age.

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Another options is finding a MKI cheap or upgrading your Jr to a MKI and go to the thread on modifications and get your self really close to a MKII for much less.

Also a good streamer sub $1000 can get you a better place for streaming from computer or phone.

(Disclosure: I am at retirement age myself.) If by “old people” you mean those who do not stream, please be aware that not everyone has adopted this. I am very comfortable with technology but do not use Tidal/Qobuz/whatever. No interest in it (I tried Tidal once and used it so rarely that I cancelled the subscription.) Nothing against those who do; I know many people enjoy these services.

If you are referring to the fact older people often (not always!) have more disposable income, that’s true. Paul and Co. decided that having an internal streamer created too much noise, and I accept their judgement about this – even though I will have to buy a separate unit to replace the Bridge II that I have used for a long time to play files from my NAS. I could get the Mk2 mainly because of the very generous trade-in that PSA offered, something most companies don’t do. There are other ways to keep costs down, some of which @brian.fitterman suggested.


This is what the “Ignore” button was made for!

There are a lot of good value streaming options out there these days in the sub 1k catagory. Catches are, in that price market, you’ll need to spend extra time and energy to tweak out the last bit of performance, i.e, power supplies, cables, network switches.

To just go for a fire and forget option on streaming, I think 5k is the mininum, until Airlens is released in 2030 maybe. Even that, I highly doubt Airlens would beat anyting in the 5k range.

There are ton of brands, Ppl here seem to dig Innuous a lot, which is a great choice. I like iFi, which for some odd reason, don’t get much mention or deserved praise.

Made me smile :wink:

“Streaming from phone to B2.”

Difficult to replicate that simplicity, are you prepared to faff with a Raspberry Pi? If so you can build a USB streamer for a hundred pounds/dollars.
If not the Holo Red is around a thousand (and takes minimal but not zero faff to set up, plenty of help on this forum), or for a couple of thousand upwards, as others have said there are streamers that are mostly plug and play (this assumes existing network etc).

I am really sorry if I managed to offend somebody, it was not my intention. I was thinking in terms of marketing segment and the segment expected behaviour. That said, the main point remains, It seems that for whatever reason, which I am just observing, rather than arguing, we have a product that at a higher price point, deliver less services, serving the needs of a smaller number of people, old or young.


thanks, I will have a look. I am intrigued by the ability to “upgrade” a junior to a MK1. Without any knowledge I would speculate this is performed by keeping the case and replacing the electronic inside.

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The phone is little more than a remote, as it sets up the stream from tidal, directly to the Dac, I believe.

The fact is that, naturally, the older one becomes, the more resistant he becomes to change. This affects generally everybody, me included. Getting offended about it, has to do with you, not with what I said.

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No, it’s a totally different chassis. You can buy used Mk1s very reasonably and with the latest firmware (Sunlight) they sound very good.


You chose to make an ageist comment just because you can’t afford, or are upset about having to buy a separate streamer, which PS Audio chose for better Sonics. Then you throw in a projection about being unwilling to change based on age. Classy. Ted and Paul are perfect examples of that being a total fallacy.

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If the product does not interest you, do not buy one.

If you do not like change, do not do anything differently.



You call’n me old? :slight_smile:


Them’s fight’n words…

No just pointing out 2 examples of mature people that are extremely innovative and doing their best work.

Thanks @emailists and @Elk for bringing a little reality back into play here.
As a very happy Old Guy (happy to BE old), I think we are seeing a bit too much labeling here. Yes, I realize that labeling is now a thing, particularly in ALL media. Please let’s try to leave our prejudices (Age, sex, politics, etc) out of our enjoyment discussing Audio equipment and Music. I think all of us here would admit to being fans of Music, at least. How we listen, what we listen to and our budgets are all over the place…which makes for great diversity of discussion.
I think PS Audio, like most ‘Audiophile’ companies is merely addressing what their customer is asking for. Offering discrete components give the audio engineers much more freedom to focus on designing that device to it’s best representation. As an engineer for 45 years, I relish those opportunities to focus, rather than a more common ‘Swiss Army knife’ approach with a lot of features, none of them optimal. There are many well-designed and executed All-in-One solutions out there, and I have used a number of them in my journey. Money should ALWAYS be a consideration. I find at this stage however, I appreciate being able to pick and choose MY favorite individual components and matching them as I wish, within my current budget.
Cheers and enjoy the Music!

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As an “old guy” I found nothing offensive about @Renato comments. I saw it as asking for more info from a a more knowledgeable group. I agree with @The GM that we should leave politics, gender, etc out of our discussions, but I think we also should not be overly sensitive to comments that should be read in the overall context of what the person was trying to say.

Hopefully no one will take offense to my comments. The Forum is a place for audiophiles and the tone of almost all the comments I have read over the years have been positive and helpful to those on their quest for more info about a more perfect system to enjoy their music.

I echo “Cheers and enjoy the Music!”

Peace out,

I say if you care about getting the best sound from your DAC, do not get a DAC with a streamer built in. I have a Esoteric N-01XD Streamer/DAC and it is no where near the SQ of my MK2 with separate streamer. But when I use the N-01XD as a DAC with a separate streamer, the sound changed dramically for the better, so there you have it.