AK balanced output to XLR input for Direct stream

Couple of days back I got DirectStream DAC and hooked up to BHK250.
I have Macbook and AK SP1000, so I am using those for playing music.
I see there is some noise from macboook

I love the music richness produced by AK without any noise.
it has both 3.5mm trrs and 2.5 trrs balance out.
I understand that using balanced out is far better.
So do you have any recommendation how to make use of 4 pole trrs 2.5mm balanced out to XLR.
I dont see any cables availabe in market which arised some doubt, am I missing something here.
I just started Audiophile journey, is converting 4 polr balanced out to XLR going to cause trouble?

Thanks in advance for your contributions

I’m not familiar with the device in question. Are you trying to get a balanced analog output into the DirectStream? Regardless of cabling that won’t work. If it’s a balanced digital output I’m not familiar with any cabling that would accomodate both devices but it’s possible one is out there that works, I hope someone can help in that case.

Yes, I want to get balanced puppy from the device and feed it to Directstream XLR input

Is it analog you wish to send to the DirectStream or digital? The XLR (actually technically I think AES/EBU) input is only digital.

You raised a valid question,
I want to get best out of available device.
I’m not satisfied with the USB audio outcome, so I’m trying to input analog as one possibility.

To be honest, when i send the analog output to bhk250 it sounds awesome, but this DAC degrades the outcome, so I’m figuring out to find a better way to make it sound better.

Still my mind pondering this question, what is the purpose of Dac, did I choose DAC for wrong purpose

The purpose of a DAC is to convert digital data into an analog signal. The DirectStream is a remarkable device to do that. But it is not an analog preamp. It will not accept an analog signal in its inputs. If you cannot output digital from your player, then it cannot be used with the DirectStream. . . .

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Lonson is right here. I don’t see that the AK SP1000 has any digital output, so you won’t be able to use it with the DSD.

A&K SP1000 has 3.5mm optical output, supposedly!

Gotcha. I was wondering if it did. My brief literature search didn’t make that obvious. I should have guessed it did though.

For what A&K charge, they’d better have one, though I was never lucky with optical cables :sweat_smile:

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Optical can be a very good connection, I’m glad that there may be one so that he can use the DirectStream, and it’s an easy one cable connection.

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I ordered TOSLink, waiting… wish me luck