Using a Xlr splitter or switch

I would like to double the balanced outputs on my DS Dac. One balanced output going to a iFi proican headphone amp and the other going to a Nad m12 preamp. Presently, the proican would not be connected to preamp. My concern would be a possibility of degrading audio quality by using a splitter or switch. If no effect on sound, any suggestion on type or quality of a splitter or switch? I am using a DS player. Thanks

I suggest a Y splitter and to avoid a switch. There should be no degradation in sound quality.

I have never had a bad effect from using a splitter. Just make sure it’s a quality one. Just make sure the splitter cables are short. I might go for something like this:


I just use a pair of Mogami Y cables.

If you are worried with extra cable length and want the shortest possible Y connection, there are the Purist Audio Design solid Y adapters.

Another related question; how can I utilized the ds Dac aes/ebu input using oppo balanced Xlr outputs? Are there aes/ebu splitters? Since I inputting analog into digital, do I need a ad converter?

I am not following as to what you would like to do.

You cannot use a Y-cable to connect to sources to the input of a device. You can use a switch however where only one source is feeding the input at a time.

Yes, if you want to use an analog source to input into a DS DAC you need to convert the analog to digital first. However, since you mention an Oppo, it would be best to use the Oppo’s digital out and use this as the source into a digital input of the DAC.

I’d prefer using oppo Xlr outs going into ad converter so I can utilize the dac’ s aes input. If going this route what should I look for in a ad converter and would this route incur any signal loss?

Why not use the digital out of the Oppo?
You can use a 75 ohm unbalanced to 110 ohm balanced transformer such as this:
This would also require an adapter to go from RCA to BNC at the input of the transformer.

Excellent suggestion.

As an aside, Oppo’s website has absolutely gorgeous photographs of their disc players. Beautifully done.

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Can anyone verify if Purist Audio Design XLR solid splitter will work on the BHK preamp outs? Are the RCA outputs in the way? Paul? Here a pic

Paul see post # 10. I was wondering if these would fit on a BHK preamp?

I am guessing they would but couldn’t guarantee it without trying. I believe there would be enough room.

Darren, I am not quite certain what two pieces of equipment you are trying to connect at the same time.
I think that you might be heading down the same path that I am traveling ( not finished yet ).
While the PAD adapters are of the highest quality I have ever seen, they still do not provide any galvanic isolation between the connected equipment.
If you need an output for subs, MSB makes a Y adapter with isolation built in, a bit pricey though.
I went with Mogami XLR Y adapter cables and a GNS PASI to isolate the sub equipment from my DirectStream. ( I use RIVES PARCs for bass correction and they only have XLR line inputs )
The only problem is that subs still perform best when connected to your speaker level out from the amps driving the main speakers.
What I am going to try next is a speaker level to XLR line adapter to connect the PARCs.
Go to Parts Express, search Jensen for the products ( for some reason I could not attach files )

I wanted to connect subs and amps off the XLR output. I don’t have REL subs, JL Audio. I also use MG Audio XLR cables and don’t want to run a cheap Y XLR splitter. That will take away from the MG Audio sweetness.

I’d be careful of cheap hi level inputs, most can be overloaded easy with too may watts!

I may try them. I assume they will not degrade sound quality at all. I wanted to keep the sweetness of my MG Audio XLR’s in play.

The Mogami Y did not affect the signal in any way.
The output will be divided though.
You may still want to consider isolation on the sub end of the Y.

Ultimately, when they are available, I will look into the HYPEX DSP sub plate amps with speaker level inputs to replace the plate amps in my SUB225s.

The Jensen converters are the ISO-MAX line of isolation devices.

SP-2SX is the speaker level to XLR converter
PB-2XX XLR galvanic isolation 1 - 200 Khz
PI-2XX XLR galvanic isolation 5 - 40 Khz

Does MG Audio offer a Y adapter in balanced?

No they do not recommend splitting their cable like a Y connector.

So it’s ok to split the XLR outs on the DSD (and say run them to a headphone pre and BHK pre at the same time?) but it’s not ok to run both XLR and RCA outs at the same time according to prior posts on another thread correct?