Album art - PerfectWave DAC mk2 and Bridge 2


I didn’t use my Perferctwave DAC mk2 for some time since I’ve updated Bridge 2 firmware to 3.5.1. And yesterday I discovered that album art on PWD screen updates different way than with older firmware. Album art updates on every track now, even if these is two tracks of the same album (the same picture), more of that it refreshes even if I put track on pause and than continue playback. As I remember with old firmware an album art refreshed only if a picture changed on next track and never refreshed on pause/continue. These refreshes of album art is a little annoying because it takes about 17-18 seconds to update the picture. Just press on pause button and it begin to update another time :(.

Is it only 3.5.1 firmware feature/bug? What if I’ll upgrade bridge firmware to 3.6.17, does it help?

P.S. I use Jriver as a server.

Same behavior…

Bad news :frowning:

Running NAS for music storage(low power cpu), through gigabit home network I planned, Jriver on PC with i7 CPU and SSD drives.
JRemote on iPad to control latest build DSD dac with Bridge II, I get 5 sec refresh of album art, so perfectly acceptable refresh.
Just another data point for comparison.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The Bridge II is the natural companion for the DirectStream DAC, and we primarily design Bridge II firmware to meet these needs. Sometimes, this creates some small bugs when the Bridge II is used with the PWD Mk I or Mk II.

With that said, our engineering team is looking into a fix for this. I’ll update the thread once we have more info.

Thanks again for bringing this up!

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As Schroedster said it seems that you have 5 sec refresh only just because of Directstream DAC, not because powerful server and fast ethernet. I have very similarly config as yours. Except I have music storage on the same PC, not on separate NAS.

One more issue with Bridge II + Perfectwave DAC is startup source selection. If you choose Bridge as your source and than power circle the DAC, than your source will be automatically switched to I2S. And you need to select Bridge again by hand. Maybe it is due to a little longer initialization time needed for Bridge II on firmware 3.5.1 than on previous versions. I see this issue only on 3.5.1 firmware.

It will be very helpful if you also take this issue into account.

I appreciate the update - I have our software team looking into both. I’ll keep the thread updated as I hear more from them.

PWD with FW3.6.17 on Bridge II is exactly the other way around with my unit.

I’m using I2S #1 as default input. After cycling the power with the rocker switch on the back it’s always on Bridge II.

Any news about resolving the issues in upcoming update?

I think this issue is on our engineering teams radar, though I don’t know timeline off the top of our head.

The engineering team is out til Monday, though @tomgPS will be able to fill us in next week.