Cover art are not displaying through Bridge II input with Roon

Directstream’s screen stopped displaying album artwork when Bridge II input is used with Roon Rock server after the Roon 1.8 update.
I suspect this has to do with Roon, but, could there be a remedy on PS Audio end?
Any thoughts?

Hi @tbingel
Do you have the formatted SD card in its slot (lower back pf DS DAC).

If this was a 1.8 issue I’m guessing I would have heard about it earlier. Double check the SD card is in and give the DAC a power cycle. Always a good first thing to try.


What the firmware update SD card has to do with the album art displayed on the DS?

The system uses a blank card as a temp storage for cover art. You have to delete the firmware files as you do not want them loaded every time you start the DS DAC

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I have done as suggested and the artwork are back.
However, the puzzle remains; I did not have the card “clicked” into the reading position, rather inserted in halfway to prevent misplacement previously and the artwork issue was nonexistent. This problem appeared after the last major Roon update. FYI.
Thank you.