Alexa Streaming - What can I do to improve sound quality?

I am getting all of my music using Elexa. It is hard to find anywhere else where there are 40 million plus songs to stream for only $4.00 a month. The sound quality I am getting is pretty good to my ears. What can I do to improve the sound quality I am now getting?

I wouldn’t have thought Alexa was a product with scope for sound quality optimization, it being a single box self contained system. It just is what it is.

Do you mean Alexa from Amazon?

Yep, Alexa, guess I spelled it wrong, sorry. Can Alexa feed into the a Direct stream player, and will it make it sound better?

Not to my knowledge. The Amazon Echo doesn’t have a digital output. The little Amazon Dot has an audio out to go into a preamp, but nothing digital.

Also, just note that it’s not technically Alexa that’s providing the music, but rather Alexa is simply controlling the playback of, most likely, Amazon Music. If you have any Sonos devices, Alexa can also control the playback to those devices from Amazon Music. Sonos will likely sound better than the Echo.

This his exactly right and what I do.

Thanks for all the reply’s. I just purchased a “Denon” 5.1 receiver, and a couple “Sony” towers. (cc cs3) a “Klipsch” 12" sub. The Alexa sounds really good through them. Of course some day maybe a “Stellar” series amp. I like watching all of Paul’s videos, I learned a lot new things about high end audio equipment. I have been a music lover forever, and I like all the gadgets that make it sound good. I guess I am a “audiophile” with out having high end equipment.

I was in your shoes, similar equipment, and Denon/Polk sounded in retrospect like a decent representation of music.

Stellar system + Goldenear and it starts to sound real. It’s not just the amp, you need a real DAC.