Could be old news but I just heard from my dealer it’s in the works maybe even 96/24, anyone else hear this ?

I have not, however I’d rather welcome lossless 16@44 streaming :)

maniac said I have not, however I'd rather welcome lossless 16@44 streaming :)
Available today from Tidal or Qobuz.

I picked up a Sonos Controller earlier this week to test out streaming Tidal to my Directstream via the coaxil output/input. I’m extremely impressed with the sound. Hard pressed to say that there is much of a difference between Sonas/Tidal streaming and the CDs that I’ve ripped to flac and stream to the Directstream via the Bridge. Pretty sure that I’m going to keep the subscription and the Sonos - although it would be nice to be able to stream it to the bridge - as the $20 per month subscription price is pretty reasonable in light of the vast selection and CD sound quality.

I’ve had Tidal ( for several months now, excellent streaming service. They stream 44.1/16 FLAC files, works well thru my Autonomic MMS-5A music server, and on my Windows 8.1 laptop…into my DirectStream DAC.

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