Am I going to blow something up?

Hello all, the sprout 100 was my first amp when I started in this hobby. I’ve recently switched over to a separate system. Out of curiosity I connected my pre amp into the sprout, setting the sprouts volume to 100% and controlled the volume with the preamp. Am i running the risk of damaging anything with this set up?

Amps without volume controls are all at “100”. As long as you are only using it as an amp - no.


I would add that you might slowly lower the Sprout volume and listen for any sound quality improvements. For example, many believe the the DS MKI sounds best if the volume is at 92 or 93, or is it 97? I can’t remember, but I hope you get my point.


Vken is correct - using an amp with a volume control, you can choose how hard to drive the preamp into it. Assuming your preamp sounds better than the pre section in the Sprout, running it hotter and turning the Sprout down may result in better sound👍🏼


The maximum input level of the sprout is 2.1 volts, I wouldn’t think it’s a good idea to go over that.

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Will you blow it up? No. But are you getting best sound with the Sprout100 at 100%? Likely also no. With multiple volume controls, it’ll take a little bit of time to find the sweet spot where it sounds best. I’d maybe run the Sprout at 90%. Not necessarily because of the Sprout but the upstream preamp may sound better with less attenuation.