Sprout 100 as preamp or integrated?n

strong textHi, my psaudio preamp recently gave out after 34 years. So I purchased a Sprout 100. Would you recommend running the Sprout solo with my Elac Debut Reference speakers or should I use it as a preamp and continue using my Hafler 500 amp? If I should use the Sprout as a preamp, should I still hook up my subwoofer to the Sprout or to the amp?


My recommendation is to try it both ways and stick with the way that you like it the best


I agree with @mycrowave. You won’t hurt anything either way, and you may find you have a strong preference for one or the other.

Yeah, best answer is to try it both ways and see (hear) what sounds best. The amp stage within the Sprout100 is great, but I’ve heard it hooked up to an out board amp, utilizing the Sprout as a pre, and the sound was darn good.

Thanks for the help. If I did use theSprout as a preamp . Where would I hook sub? Amp or sub out on Sprout.

If you have the ability to hook it up from the amp to high level on the sub, that’d be perfect.

I ran my Sprout100 as a pre with my Emotiva XPA-100 monoblocks whilst waiting on my SGCD. It worked very well. SGCD is better, but the Sprout sounded very nice indeed.

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Thanks for the input. I’ll try all the above.

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