Sprout 100 as amp?

Good evening all,

If I connect a external pre amp to the sprout 100 and just set the volume to 100 on the sprout, am I essentially using the sprout as a straight up amp? Is this a bad idea?

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Hi Alonso,
Unless an integrated amp has a dedicated pre input or a setting that permits a direct feed to its power circuitry, it would essentually be using its internal preamp circuitry. Hence, the use of an external preamp is not going to add any benefits.

This said, most integrated amps provide pre out that allow the use of power amp when needed.

Doing so isn’t likely to bypass the Sprout’s preamp section, so you’d have two preamps in the signal path. I have no idea if that would work at all, but even if it did, it seems like an opportunity to introduce additional noise and distortion to the signal. What end would be served? Do you need more preamp flexibility than the Sprout provides (additional inputs, switching capabilities, etc.)?

Yea you’re right. No need for it, I was just trying to figure out if there was another way to use my sprout as I’ve phased it out by switching over to a separates system.

I was thinking about coming out if my preamp into the sprout so I could use the headphone output but I also worried about the excessive noise

Thanks for the response!!

Cool that you’ve gotten more into separates. Integrating the Sprout100 in your system may be tough. If possible, I’d absolutely set it up in a second rig!


A second rig or sell it and save the money towards an AirLens.

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What’s an airlens?