Jumpers for Bi wire

Have been biwiring my speakers for last year or so.
New speaker wire arrives tomorrow and im realizing that I lost the metal plates that came with my speakers.
Ive learned alot about HIFI in last year (with a ton of help from this community) and today Ive learned that the metal plates that come with the speakers are terrible.
Once i realized this i quickly ordered a cheap pair of banana plug>spade wire to use in place of the metal plate.
Of course AQ makes a version of this connector that costs 100"s of dollars.

I will assume that it falls into the cable debate where some feel expensive cables matter and some dont?

So thoughts on speaker jumpers?
Any recommendations on what to buy or just go with these $20 Amazon cables that I would think must be a better choice than the metal plate.

Thanks…a bit long winded I know

Thank you

For a Budget Solution I’d suggest these:


Cool-thx to you both

Did the cables you order not come in biwireable configuration? Another solution would be to just cut a piece or speaker cable and make up some jumpers yourself…. Audioquest slip 14-2 is like $2/foot and available on audio advisor and prob most audioquest dealers.

They do but would have cost like $1600 more so no way…

Totally get now why they call it “buy wire”


Then the next question would be what post do you connect the main speaker cable to? The bass or the treble post on the speaker.

Ive always done the bass
Saw video today that recommended 1 in each (see pix)
Heard top may be too sharp and cause listening fatigue.
Any thoughts?

I might try 1 bottom 1 top

I think it may be speaker and amp dependent. I have the cables going to mid/treble post but I have unique speakers.

Try each combination and then let your ears decide at no additional cost. Quite possibly it is amplifier and speaker dependent.

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I recall Paul and others preferring connecting the main speaker cable to the treble posts on the speaker.

But, of course, experiment.


Surprising based on what i found yesterday but im barely a novice

It may depend on the design of the crossover, etc.

This is exactly why we experiment and try options, trying not to prejudge.

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I was bi-wiring my speakers until about a year ago, and decided to try some Synergistic Research speaker cables with their jumpers
SR recommends using their jumpers instead of bi-wiring. The fact they recommend their jumpers over buying another pair of speaker cables, and making more money, lead me to believe this method was superior. Upon listening to them, I was not inclined to even try bi-wiring with an identical pair of speaker cables, the result exceeded my expectations.

Considering of course that I could never be biased one way or the other, here might be my personal suggestion on this topic…


If it sounds better to you then it is better!

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I wonder if anyone has tried connecting one of the speaker leads to the tweeter/mid plus terminal and the other one to the bass minus terminal but still using the jumpers as shown?

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Pricing for a standard set…

$400. Building these is the same as building a full length set of speaker cables.