Amazing cheap CD tweak

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I have a secret but now I am sharing it. Go get a “Fabulustre” cloth for Jewelers. Polish your Cd with the red cloth applying medium pressure but never, ever in a circular motion! then polish with the yellow cloth the same way. Of all things, if you cannot hear the sonic difference I would be amazed. It honestly makes a night and day difference. I as well as all of you know a lot of this crazy Vudu stuff like Green marker makes little if any difference. in my experience this makes a marked difference in sonics. It can also remove light scratches. I believe this works because once the red “rouge” is embedded in the disc it interacts with the laser differently somehow. Maybe MR. Smith could explain how this could work. It is literally night and day difference. Of course if you have at least Mid-FI. As long as you handle discs properly this only needs to be applied once ever. The cloth is cheap if you can find one. Google it. Not always sold to the general public. not to mention what it will do for your jewelry. One cloth should literally do hundreds of thousands of Cd’s. However never use this cloth for anything else! It can pick up particles and scratch the Cd very bad then. I also find CD’s that will not play, skip ETC. are almost always fixed by this as well. The secret is out of the bag!


Polishing CDs is nothing new. I polished my CDs for years with a product called Brillianize. However none of these tweaks make a difference when using the DMP, which reads the data from a buffer.

Perhaps not with the DMP. However this is not mere polishing. the “rouge” changes the color of the disc(not that you can see) thus doing something to the way the laser reads it on non memory players. Even with some memory players it makes a difference. Since the data it read has now been changed. Just buffing a disc has results nothing like this. Even with memory players. I do not know how it would affect the DMP as I do not have one.

Changed data? Huh?

doubt this would make a difference with PWT either as it’s a memory player as well

It will only make a difference if your transport/CD player is otherwise having trouble reading the disc and is relying on error correction.

As others have pointed out, polishing and treating CDs is almost s old as CDs themselves. :slight_smile:

Or how much work the drive has to do to track the “groove”. Each motion in the tracking mechanism will add just a little noise to the power rails and hence to noise to the outputs and more output jitter, (tho the latter doesn’t matter much for the DS.)

Excellent point, Ted. I forgot about this.

I trust anything MR. smith says. He makes me smarter!

This is not regular “polishing”. It changes the color of the disc but not to the degree you can see it. I swear the difference is night and day. Just regular buffing does not do much except to get out scratches. Have DMP right here and a TOTL Boulder. It makes huge difference on DMP too. Although I think PWT is a memory player, DMP is not? Maybe that is why. Still I think it will make a difference but perhaps more subtle on a player with DSP processing like PWT or Cary.

How can you tell if you can’t see it? :smirk:
The DMP is a memory player too…

If you polish enough will it also change the color of the placebo?

Come on, that is not nice. It is red jewelers rouge so certainly darkens it.

Night and day? Depending on how the chemicals in that polish interact with the disc over time, it may sound like day today and like night in ten years :grin: No, thanks, not for me.

I was expecting to read about the ‘green felt pen’ tweak or the ‘Armor-all’ tweak when I clicked on this thread. Glad somebody thought up another one.

What is that?

i still own some CD’s on which I tried the green-pen thing. Probably late '80s i think.

but you had to use an opaque marker, not a sharpie. everyone knows that.

good times.

Lol that green pen thing was still going on in the 1990s when I bought my first CD player. One of my friends at school bought one and said it made CDs sound better. Even as a kid I was skeptical and I was right to be. I don’t think it did anything and I suspect anyone under 25 (rare as they are in hifi) would even have heard of the green pen.

The problem with the green pen is that over time the ink start to flake off. It got all over the transport and inside the cd player. I see green flakes on the tray when I insert the cd and I’m pretty sure it gets inside the transport also. I ended up wiping off the ink on all the painted disc with alcohol.

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Some decades ago many touted spraying a CD with Armor All and buffing it to improve the sound.

Oh yeah, Armor All. The oil base formula that suppose to shine the cds and also dissolve it over time. How about degaussing. That seem to work without harming your disc.