Ripping it up


Paul tears another page out of the book of logic and sets it alight.



"The Numerically-Identical CD Mystery: A Study in Perception Versus Measurement" (Audio Engineering Society, April 1997) addresses why CDs from different plants or created via different methods sound different. Clicky

The researchers reject jitter as a potential cause (read the paper to understand why), and conclude low-frequency modulations in the disc adversely affect the servo and motor electronics, resulting in analog distortion.

"Measurements have confirmed that amplitude modulation of the analogue outputs of many one-box CD players by motor and servo-related interference occur. Furthermore, the resulting spuriae are of a character and at a level which would be consistent with noticeable sound degradation for a critical istener."


Holy Cow. Actual evidence based observations that back up what we can hear. =D>


Elk cheers. It’s really cool to read the why instead of just faith. As I church for that. Lol



It is an explanation I have not seen before. Also interesting is their rejection of jitter as the cause.