Weird CD operation?

Anyone have a cd that sometimes plays flawlessly all way thru, sometimes randomly stops but then after a few seconds continues, sometimes stops and causes the transport to become unresponsive, where only a power reset via the main power switch allows it to reject?
Is there a solution? Taking it into the shower with me, etc?
It sounds really good when it behaves.

A particular CD or the player? Have you tied a little lemon pledge or other wax dusting spray on the ‘pit’ playing surface?

Gently clean the lens in the player.

Thanks Brett
It’s just one cd. A new one that has no visual imperfections. I’ve never cleaned a cd with spray wax but I guess if it leaves no residue, what can hurt?

I have buffed CDs with the compounds I use on cars for paint correction. It has brought some CDs from unplayable to working fine. Some are obviously scratched, others appear fine before working on them.

The treatment I give to my problem CD is to clone it via my laptop. I believe one of them has a center hole offset a little that causes playback problem. The other just too dirty (being on the shelf too long).


The wax is only to help with scratched ones. I’d return it, it’s bad.

Have you tried it on other players? I’ve had a few like that which gave me trouble on my main rig disc spinner but they always played on cheap DVD players or a portable CD player I had laying around, go figure. Sometimes I was able to fix them by polishing them with a product called brilliantize.

Wow! What do I have to lose

Nothing, and it is fun and satisfying.

@Elk Thanks for the tip. I used 3M Imperial hand glaze that I use on my black car.
Cd is playing normally now. Happy surprise!



It demonstrates how CDs are actually an analog format.


Opti-mechanical? Sort of?

There is vinyl washing machine, maybe, CD polishing machine also exists too.:slight_smile: