Amazon Music App says DirectStream can support only 96 kHz

Hi, my set up is Windows 10 with Foobar 2000, USB connection to Direct Stream. I have no trouble playing music files at 192 kHz. However, when using Amazon Music app on Windows 10, it says the file is 196 kHz but my DAC can support only 96 kHz.

What settings I need to do in order to stream 192 kHz from Amazon Music?

Many thanks for your hepl.

Hi @cuonghuutran,

Is it possible that your speakers properties for the PS Audio USB driver is set to 96000?

This is one of the drawbacks for Amazon hd with windows. Essentially, there’s no ‘exclusive mode’ like tidal/qobuz so all signal goes through the windows processor (the screen you see above) and therefore isn’t bit perfect. You can change the windows processor bitrate to match whatever you’re playing but it’s still not the same. It’s really unfortunate! I guess some people have had success running amazon audio thru jriver, I haven’t tried that yet. I think the bluesound units can handle bit perfect amazon hd as well. Good luck

This fixed the problem. Many thanks Mycrowave.

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Thanks Grateful. I compared HD audio streaming with playing the music files from my computer. It is while very good, is not the same/as good! It might be Placebo effect :slight_smile: