DirectStream DAC - YouTube Premium? Amazon? Opinions?

Does the DAC decode YouTube Premium or Amazon Ultra HD?

I am considering YouTube Music Premium or Amazon streaming… does the DirectStream decode these? I understand both now have some sort of high quality steaming… YT = “upper bound of 256 kbps AAC”.

Anyone doing it? Opinions?

Bruce in Philly

It goes by the sampling rate and bits not the kilobits per second. Usually they’re 44.1 kHz and 16 bits, though occasionally ALAC (not AAC) can come in 44.1 but 24 bits. Have you considered higher res services like Qobuz or Tidal? The DS DAC would shine better.


I had similar questions with our DSJr./Cambridge Streamer and found that Amazon does not talk directly to those devices (Found myself connecting through iPhone at lower resolution rate). The answer was a Bluesound Vault that connected directly to Amazon (Don’t know about YouTube). So far, so good (3 weeks). There is a small number of manufacturers set up to run Amazon Music HD. They include the Lenbrook Group…Bluesound/NAD.


I did an Amazon HD trial on a Bluesound Node 2i. It’s a superb unit.

A step up would be the Cambridge Audio CXN v2, a very highly regarded streamer that some here use, that I understand also has Amazon HD onboard.

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