Directstream Sample rate and 192 KHz playback

I have a direcstream Sr, which works perfectly except 2 points :
1- I cannot play 192 KHz files : I can see the files playing on my controler (the time progresses), but there is no sound. I don’t have any issue with other rates.
2- when I play 24 bits files, they are displayed as 16 bits on the directstream, but displayed as 24 bits in my controler.

My setup:

  • streamer Metrum Ambre with custom installs (Ropieee or Picoreplayer) to play music through dlna (minimserver) or lms.
  • Streamer is linked to DS with aes/ebu cable.
  • music is stored on a Synology Nas which runs minimserver and lms.

I also have a network bridge in the unit, and when I use it, I don’t have any of these issues.
Can you please advise to solve this issue?

Use the bridge!

Tho probably not as helpful as I’d like:

The DS only reports what it is seeing, so the source is doing some processing: if it says 16 bits then something upstream is setting the bottom eight bits to 0.

Just FYI the TOSLink input is only designed to play up to 96kHz, you may get 176.4 or even 192, but it’s not guaranteed. All other inputs support 192k.

Tho it’s probably not the case check that the DS isn’t muted and that the 20dB attenuator isn’t engaged, unless that’s what you want, (it will show a “L” to the right of the volume if the 20dB attenuator is on.)

I’m sorry that can’t help debug the earlier parts of your system to see where the narrowing of the sample width is happening: I’m not familiar with the other equipment you are using.

Hi Ted,
Thank you for your answer.

I don’t use toslink, but aes/ebu (xlr) which supports 192 KHz.
I will check with my other device (a linn Akurate) that I will use as a streamer in input of the DS, to see if I also have the same issue.

I don’t want to use the bridge because it is bridge 1 and it is not gapless, and also I find the sound quality to be better with my external streamer.

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Hi, I found another post that speaks exactly about the same issue : Synch problem Ambre and Junior format 24/192 with AES and Spdif

I think there is a bug in the DS that should be corrected …

Ted’s right, the DSD can only show what it is receiving. It doesn’t have any ability to make up file type and size. Ted would also know more than I would, but I don’t think this is a software issue. What does the DSD display when you play 192 files?

Before you blame the DirectStream, try another device to feed the DAC…like the Linn Akurate. Note that both “problems” occur with the Metrum Ambre. Maybe it is at fault.

I am feeding my DirectStream a 24/192 album via Roon through an ultraRendu and it plays just fine and displays 24/192 on the screen.