Amp upgrade differences?

Anyone have experience with NAD C370/C270 amps? Or the C372/C272 which I assume are very similar. I’m contemplating getting new amplification and budget is sub $3K…closer to $2k. Within this budget should I expect much of an upgrade or would it be a lateral move? If for example if I went with a S300 or M700s. Or some other amp from a different manufacturer within the budget.

Depends on the rest of your system.

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I realize that everything is ultimately dependent on the system as a whole.

My question is pretty general (for those who have experience with those amps) - is there noticeably better stuff for around 2-3K or would I have to go to a higher price bracket?

A far better option is the Kinki EX-M1 integrated for around $2300 but if you have a preamp you are determined to use that doesn’t matter. What does matter is what speaker load you are trying to drive.

I had a NAD 326BEE integrated before upgrading to the Stellar Gain Cell DAC and S300. While the NAD was good, the Stellar stack simply left it in the dust. Granted, the S300 has more power to feed my Monitor Audio Silver 300’s, but part of the improvement was in the GCD. I once ran a PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC into the 326BEE prior to getting the Stellar stack, and even with the NuWave the Stellar stack was much better.

Thanks. I’m actually using a Schiit Freya and bypassing the preamp section of the C370. Im very curious if something like the S300 (and a few others) would be a sideways move or an upgrade.

I don’t think it would be a sideways move at all. The 370 is very similar to the 326, from my understanding, in its overall design. If you give the S300 a shot I think you’ll be amazed. I was skeptical too, but I’ve never looked back. If you do upgrade though, do try to take advantage of the balances connections from the S300 to your Freya. That will be yet another improvement over the 370.

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I have the M700 in sync with the GCD…lovely sound with my other gear.Its worth a try.


Sorry if this is obvious, but a lot has changed in the last 25 years and so has my memory.
When you say “if you have a preamp you are determined to use that doesn’t matter,” what does that mean exactly?

Does it mean that because the EX-M1 is an integrated amp, I cannot add a Pre-amp and use the EX-M1 as essentially a power amp?

If you want to try the Kinki integrated amp but with the possibility that you might want to try another preamp then the M1+ is the right choice as you can use it as an integrated, preamp only or amp only. If you just want to use the amp only then the EX-M7 is the one. I own both the M1+ and the M7 and they are both great pieces.

Thank you for clearing that up for me! I do want to try out a pre-amp in the future, I just can’t get myself to shell out the money for both pieces at the same, at least not the one I’m looking at.

If you haven’t already take a look at Doug Schroeder’s review at as he tested the M1+ in all three modes and even “rolled” the op amps in the preamp section. He continues to use it today as a part of his system. What all the reviewers say about the piece is true in my systems.

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