Analog Planet Sound Test of A/D Converters


The Analog Planet website has been running a “sound test” of A/D converters. I had not seen this or heard the sample files, but I just found out he revealed what equipement belonged to what files. To cut to the chase the NPC didn’t do to good, but I wouldn’t call it a real loss. frown What did catch my eye though, was the following statement from Michael Fremer:
“The PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter used here is an updated version of the model reviewed here last year as a phono preamplifier only. Please read that review for more details. The original NuWave reviewed and “blind tested” by analogplanet readers did not fare well, with readers or the reviewer. A second sample was far better. This revised edition will get soon another listen and be re-reviewed as a phono preamp.”

Updated model? Huh? He didn’t elaborate on what the updates were, or at least I couldn’t find them. Can someone please detail the updates? If this is just a firmware update I would be surprised, only because I didn’t think any of them improved the sound. I have one of the first 50 units so I assume it is the “old” model (whatever that means). Also, I only use it as a phono preamp into my DS (no preamplifier), I’ve not used it to record analog.


Firmware upgrade only.


So that significantly upgraded the sound, did I miss a discussion of this on the forum? Were the improvements across the board or only when recording? I’ll have to do the upgrade whether it makes a difference or not. For the last couple of months I have been looking for a better location for my turntable turntable, so I haven’t been thinking of the NPC too much lately, my bad. Plus that darn DS sounds real good!