And now for something completely different...liquid audio cables

Has anyone tried these cables from Teo Audio? I know they’ve been around for awhile, but this is the first I’ve heard of them, and the idea of using a liquid conductor sounds intriguing.

“Signal is inherently a plasma. Ionic plasma, or a [sic] electron cloud, with a pressure differential, with respect to the variant we call an ‘audio signal’.” According to Ken, wire is a very imperfect medium – a molecular lattice structure – for conductance of this plasma electron cloud, albeit quite cheap. But, liquid metal is preferable, as it, “… has the least interference and least distortion.” He summarizes, “What we need…is something like a highly conductive gas, that has a neutral ground state, when unperturbed, and low mass. But, such a thing does not exist. So we’ll have go down one step further, into potential for interference with the signal cloud. This one step lower….might just be something like a ‘room temperature liquid metal’.”

I wonder what Galen Gareis would have to say about this?

April Fools?

I know Purist Audio has/had fluid shielding cables.

I remember seeing some oil filled cables at some point, but I can’t remember the name or brand.

Who’s that guy? (I live in Germany, I may not get the intended humor…). Looks not trustworthy, hm…

It’s John Cleese in a Monty Python sketch. They would often use him as a transition between skits saying, “And now for something completely different.”

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Ah thanks… not really a Monthy Python fan, so I didn’t recognize him…

Well, the only “liquid metal” at room temperature is mercury, and I seriously doubt that the cables are filled with toxic material that could easily leak. Further the “technical” information on their web site is pretty much drivel, so I’m certainly not impressed by that.
Please - by all means, obtain a cable and let us know how it sounds.

Audio Magic has been making liquid cables for years. I have a set of their ICs, they sound great!

These cables do not use Mercury, but rather a eutectic alloy, Galinstan. Galinstan is comprised of Gallium, Indium, and Tin. It has a very low melting point (-2 degrees F), so it is a liquid at room temperature.

“Conjured up from inky blackness come musical images of breathtaking clarity. An enchanting blend of tonal delicacy and raw dynamic power create a three-dimensional world of stunning harmonic accuracy played out on a soundstage of eerily realistic proportions. The spell is cast…”
(From a cable mfr’s website.) I thought I was happy with Iconoclast but now I think I gotta get me some of that “enchanting blend, etc,etc”

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Is this the secret ingredient in your coffee? Is it a drop of Galinstan, Stan?

Ha! Even if it is… I will never disclose :wink:

I’m working on a cable design that uses Phlogiston for the dialectrical thingy. Galen’s jealous!

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:woozy_face: You lost me with “thingy.” I don’t do technical speak.

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It’s slang. You can find it in the urban dictionary. Derivation of “thingamabob”.

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Could try argon gas, I know it is conductive… I use it in surgery for electro-cautery.

What we need…is something like a highly conductive gas

I’ve read great things about these cables and spoken to the manufacturer.

They are prohibitively expensive as speaker cables, unfortunately.

At one point they mentioned some new manufacturing process that could bring the price down but I don’t know if that ever came to be.

They do make balanced versions at double the price. But they don’t feel balanced sounds as good.