Another cable to ponder

made in Orlando; they design various power conditioners too; informed support also

I can’t wait until they make fuses :wink:


I wonder when @dchang05 and @Stier2704 will jump on that train. :wink:

This thread has been up 4 hours and no Mickey Mouse puns yet.


No more train ride for me, I am on a happy train already. :grin: :man_dancing: :wine_glass:


I just did a little research. It should be a good cable for a reasonable price. I also ended up back in the Netherlands. A dealer (Contrado) has attractive prices again. :wink: Yesterday I came across a cable that is made entirely by hand, including the connector. A silver cable. It’s supposed to be made under vacuum. I have to see if I can find the link.

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I saw the used Steahlt dream V16 universal being offered for €2900.

I was very sad at how much better the Stealth Sakra V17 LE sounded compared to my Sakra V16. I thought the V16 was quite good but it is not even close to the purity of the V17. I am not even sure where I hid the V16 after the switch. I have no intention of using it again. I might have traded it in.


I know there is V18, and I don’t even know there is a V17 out there. :thinking:

Are you going to tell me V18 is sadly better than V17?

Maybe your V16 is hanging on the toaster or the coffee machine :thinking::joy:

The current top of the line interconnect is V17. V18 and Dream 2020 are speaker and power ca les.


I was just browsing the site. Presumably due to the helium filling, the cables are very complex to manufacture. Doesn’t the 20/20 only apply to distributors and wall connections? I mean, they’re announcing their own pure silver power distributor that’s supposed to be optimal for the 20/20.

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My Dragon XLR has a silver conductor loosely fitted in a teflon tube to minimize contact with the insulation. Audioquest uses the DBS to saturate the isolation to reduce the impact. Should I fill the tubes with helium and cap them? :thinking:
I think helium is used so the conductor doesn’t oxidize. In case it should lead better, here is an idea for Vmax and Donald. I live in the neighboring town. Without the Dream Cable research, I would not have known that the solution to all of our real-world problems already exists. Do we just have to put a nitrogen tank near the HiFi system?:joy:

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I heard those cables make singers sound like the chipmunks


I have no idea what Helium will do to the sound of cable.

I for sure will not touch any of my Dragons, in case I turned an authentic cable into a fake one. :joy:

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I asked Sergey about the helium. I asked about it leaking out. He said helium is nearly impossible to contain. In the case of his cables the helium does escape and is replaced by vacuum. They know this happens and it’s all part of the design.


Well that is kind of interesting…



I thought so as well. An audio friend of mine wanted to know if the helium could be replaced. Apparently that isn’t necessary.


Does a vacuum make a better Dielectric than air?